Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage)

Tuina uses the same Chinese medical model as acupuncture but, instead of using needles, it uses the application of massage/manipulation of the body's soft tissues, which directly affect the meridian system. Tuina alters the movement of chi to establish a harmonious flow, which allows the body to balance itself by increasing the healing process. The meridian channels are affected directly through the use of manipulation techniques to improve the body's energy systems and affect internal conditions, according Chinese medicine principals.

Remedial, soft/deep tissue, acupressure, orthepedic massage, trigger point, myofacial release, joint manipulation, stretching etc, are all modern day terms that can be used to describe aspects that have been present in Tuina for thousands of years. Methods include the use of the hand, arm, and elbow to massage, stretch and manipulate the soft tissue and joints of the body, to affect the muscle/skeletal systems and improve recovery. The Tuina session takes place lying on a massage couch or seated, and you remain fully clothed.

Tuina is an excellent mode of therapy that can help many conditions ranging from acute sports injuries to internal conditions such as anxiety and stress.

Tui –“Push” Na – “Grasp”

The 60-minute treatment incorporates Cupping and Heat Treatment with Mark and Cupping and Magnets with Taru.



  • £52 for 60 minutes


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