Spiritual Meditation

A Spiritual Meditation Group is a small gathering of people who are learning or continuing to develop their spiritual wellbeing. If you are interested in the wonder of life and would like to deepen your awareness and connection to that wonder then spiritual meditation is for you.

Spiritual Experience

There are countless contexts in which we can have spiritual experience – when we connect with the wonder and energy of life. It may be in nature, meditation, prayer, taking Communion, while singing or being creative. Spiritual experience may occur while giving birth, playing with your children, being with a lover, through your work, watching a special film, gardening, cooking, chanting, energy healing, dance or yoga. The list is endless.

Spiritual experience is not restricted to religion or any single faith. Spiritual experience can literally happen anywhere. We only need to be available to the connection. And, it is through openness, awareness and practice that we can develop our availability.

Spiritual Development

How you enter spiritual development will be your own preference. There are so many ways. That is one of the joys of modern spirituality. What moves you, what raises you to connection, what prompts you to reflect, change, feel compassion, help yourself and others, will be specific to you.

Once you realise what these are, it’s just a matter of honing some core skills and practicing the faculty that promotes spiritual experience. You'll soon find that how you encounter the world around you and how you feel about yourself and others will soften as you become increasingly aware and open to a sense of the wonder and connectedness we share.

Some of the ways to access this faculty of spiritual awareness include:

- Pausing and being mindful
- Relaxing
- Being centred and grounded in body
- Kindly observing experiences
- Identifying your values
- Surrendering to the feeling of connection - Having confidence to live your spirituality

Research states that spiritual practice and living spiritually leads to better health and an increased sense of well-being and happiness. While this is certainly something I have experienced, what is also known about spiritual development is that it can be challenging at times. Our awareness and openness to thoughts, feelings and our environment can highlight that which we have successfully ignored, pushed back and refused to engage. At first it can be a challenge to make space for any discomfort. The encouraging news is that when we do make room for these thoughts, feelings and sensations, and look upon them with kindness, they tend to change and quieten. Even more exciting is that with this change and quiet, a light is shone upon our true interests, desires and path, and we come to live our potential in a more harmonious life.

Spiritual Meditation

Spiritual meditation offers you this and more. Combining mindfulness techniques, healing energy and inner journeying, these classes allow you to experience the wonder of the inner realms so that you may develop and grow your awareness and spiritual connection to the wonder of life - and in particular, to your life. What is best is that anyone can engage with these practices and develop their skills. The groups are open to all and no meditation experience is necessary. We sit in chairs and classes begin with no assumed knowledge. They are perfect for the beginner and for those wanting to ground and deepen their spiritual and inner experience through new meditation practice.




  • £12 for 60 minutes(Groups)


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