Spiritual Assessment

A spiritual assessment offers insight into your own life journey. It aims to uncover your spiritual potential, life path and where your strengths and opportunities to grow lie.

Your Soul knows where it wants to go. It sings out to you, regularly illuminating the way. Karolyne listen deeply for you, and offers you tools that you may learn to deepen your own relationship with your soul, and its call. 

The goal is to discover hidden talents and possibilities and to realise which talents you do use and which ones lie dormant waiting to be discovered. It’s a wonderful eye opener, whether you are at the beginning of your spiritual journey or have been on your journey for some time. 

The session helps guide you to a deeper understanding of your spiritual significance, and value, encouraging you to achieve a more joyful and spiritually impactful life.

In spiritual assessment, Karolyne draws on her intuitive, psychic, mediumistic abilities to offer you this very special session.




  • £60 for 60 minutes


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