Space Clearing and Entity Release

Available with Pamela Jo Proudfoot one long weekend per month, or with Carol Watson to suit your availability, as follows.

Space Clearing and Psychopomp with Pamela Jo Proudfoot:

Consists of transforming areas of negative , stagnant or trapped energy. Energies are like dust, if left it will transform into dirt and in time problems will arise. For whatever reason, some individuals remain earthbound after death instead of crossing over into the light. Compassion and unconditional love allow the Shaman to help lost souls complete their journey to the afterlife. This covers the house and garden.

Space clearances, Psychic Cleansing and Entity Removal with Carol Watson:

Carol Watson has many years experience of psychic healing and energy clearing experience under her belt. Trained in the Melchizedek Method in 2000, she learned how to work with building sacred holograms that impact and lift the energy of the foundations, grounds and rooms in a home or work place. She works with these holograms along with sacred symbols and other tools that include holy water, room sprays, sage, singing bowls, clear quartz crystal energy and black obsidian, and candles, as she grids the rooms after clearing the space. She spends 1-2 hours tuning in and doing this.

Carol works via a visit or by distant work with Archangels; particularly Archangel Michael, who has a very defensive, protective role. Energetic, etheric cords can be removed and cleared from the owner (if requested during a clearing) and any negative or malevolent entity. She will tune in and communicate telepathically with whoever is troubling the client or space.

Her work ensures the client and property has a powerful shield around them along with encoded protection. Not only the client’s energy (if necessary and requested) but the space. Both are given a deep psychic cleanse, which lifts the whole energetics of the place.

The client receives verbal, face-to-face feedback, or is given a short written report of the findings that includes advice, tips and useful tools to assist in the maintenance and continued purification of the building and client; to keep them both light and clear.






  • £50-£100 for 60-120 minutes(depending on size of house)


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