Shamanic Healing

All sessions will begin with discussion about what is required and continue with energy work preparing the etheric, physical, and emotional bodies for the deeper work involved.
May include one or more of the following:

Soul Retrieval

Often a soul retrieval is required after we suffer a trauma, in many cases during childhood. This may cause a part of our soul to leave our body. This is the way we cope with the trauma. When this happens we can feel as though part of us is missing, but cannot quite work out what it is or why. Whether it causes confusion, lack of motivation, or direction. Or just stuck in a cycle of pain and suffering. When the soul part is retrieved and healed it may affect the individual on all levels. This is a very powerful form of healing, and first requires to call in the spirit helpers of the individual to support and prepare for the retrieved part, by empowering them.

Extraction work and entity release

Extraction work consists of removal of intrusive energies. Sometimes energies can manifest as physical illness, negative thoughts, pain, lethargy, or even suicidal tendencies. These energies gain access through holes or rips in our aura and then remain in this space. These energies can also manifest through other people’s thoughts toward us, such as anger or envy, if they are not removed. They may become entities which have their own minds and can then control the hosts feelings and thoughts. When fully formed, entities may even be able to attach themselves to the host and drain their energy.

Past Life

Past life problems are becoming more apparent as the veils between physical and spiritual worlds grow thinner. Past life memories and problems can be carried over to this life, and Shamanic work can help clear these patterns by going back in time to address the situation. The Shamanic world knows no time and, as multidimensional beings, we may correct the past to heal the present.



  • £60 for 90 minutes


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