Reflex Integration and Stimulation Therapy

Learn how Reflex Integration programmes can help you and your child.

Are you or your child having difficulties with learning, social interactions, or just getting through the day? The INPP programmes look behind the problem and help treat the underlying causes through daily physical exercises tailored to your individual needs. This gentle and uncomplicated therapeutic approach has been known to help people in the following areas:

Reading Problem

Writing Problems


Dyspraxia (DCD)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

Asperger’s Syndrome

Anxiety and Panic Disorder


Who are these programmes for?

Programmes like these have helped adults and children of all ages who experience learning difficulties, behavioural difficulties or a range of other problems listed above. If in doubt, please do call us to have a chat.

What happens in a Session?

We begin with an initial consultation. This is an in-depth discussion of your or your child’s background, early development, physical health and current situation.  At the end of this session we will be able to give you an indication as to whether this method is likely to help you. You will have a chance to ask questions.

All the information you share will be treated confidentially and allow us to ensure that the best possible programme is designed for the person in question.

If you decide to go ahead and we feel this method may be helpful to you, we will arrange a time to do a full developmental assessment.  This involves a range of tests to explore primitive and postural reflexes and laterality. There is no wrong way to do them but he way in which you approach and carry out these exercises gives us an insight into how your brain and body work together and the extent to which retained or immature reflexes are contributing to your problems.

How long does is a session?

The initial consultation lasts one hour.  A full assessment will last up to 2 hours and consist of some standard neurological tests that are not complicated or invasive. At the end of this you will be shown your first exercise. This is followed by regular review visits every 8 weeks to go over progress and to change the exercises if necessary.

How long does is the programme?

The exercises themselves take about 5-10 minutes to complete, once a day. The success of the programme is down to repetition and duration.

The overall programme is designed specially for you and you’ll progress at a rate that’s right for you. That might mean that you complete the whole thing in about 10 months. Or it may take a bit longer (12-18 months). The results should last forever.

What does it cost?

The initial consultation of an hour, without or without your child present if you are coming in relation to your child, is only £15. The full diagnostic assessment which lasts up to 2 hours, is £120. Reviews thereafter (up to an hour) are £60. 



  • £120 for 120 minutes(Full Diagnostic Assessment)
  • £60 for 60 minutes(Follow-up Sessions)
  • £15 for 60 minutes(Initial Consultation)


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