Past Life Regression

Past life Regression offers us valuable insights into our lives across the spectrum of time. This regression is for those who are interested in learning about the patterns that run through your lives, that which may be limiting or disrupting or it may be that you are simply curious, and would like to experience a past life memory. Knowing how we lived before can help us understand and resolve present day obstacles, understand and overcome phobias, fear and habits, and resolve relationship issues. An important part of past life regression is to see how the journey parallels with the current life. When you know this, you can bring that wisdom and insight into this life in a beneficial manner. One-off past life regression sessions for curiosity or to look at specific lives last approximately 2 hours. If you are considering regression to resolve a particular issue, ailment or behavioural pattern, then you should consider regression therapy. It is a similar process where we go to the source of your issue. Plus you are likely to need to have a series of sessions.

Payment accepted by cheque or cash. If you need to cancel a booking, please let us know 24 hours before your session to avoid cancellation charges.



  • ¬£150 for 120-180 minutes


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