Past Life and Regression Therapy (S.I.R.)

Society at large is the individuals that we interact with on all levels. Whether it be colleagues, friends, neighbours or associates. It can relate to the closer members of society, those in particular that are your family. Imprinting and the release of those imprints, basically means the energy that is trapped, or stuck within your body. Whether it be the skin, muscles, tissue or, indeed, organs and cells. Emotions or imprints from past hurts, from not only this lifetime, but previous incarnations. Negative energy that remains within the very cellular memory of your being. Energy never disappears, hence why this powerful, fast, and effective new modality has came along; to assist in transmuting, or transforming it once and for all. Even contracts made to another being, oaths, seals, stamps of ownership, or tying bonds. S.I.R. is a treatment that can sever these huge ties once and for all.

The Treatment 

The treatment is delivered, as you lie on a couch, with your practitioner sitting close to you. She records and gives you feedback at the end, as well as gently prompting and guiding you during this powerful enlightening session. The therapist works with the 'Body Elementals' on a very subtle level. These are the very compounds that make up your blueprint. The matter that you are - Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Etheric energy. Symbols and invocations are used to activate this internal dialogue with your body. There is generally no ‘hands-on’ touch required. You work in tune with your practitioner. Both becoming a working unit.

The treatment begins through being guided by your therapist to go within and listen to your body. You may feel a stirring of energy, tightness, or even a little pressure. This happens in the part of the body that has a block. You will be guided to probe here and uncover what happened, to cause this. Ultimately to discover its lessons.

By the end of your hour's session, you should feel great relief and often, as if some powerful ‘shift’ has occurred, on a mental, emotional, psychological and physical level, as a result of the treatment.

This treatment is a brand new modality. Carol Watson is the Founder. Carol is a Melchizedek Method and ISIS Blue Moon Trainer. She has worked with symbols, colour and the meditation tool as a teacher for many years. Self taught in the art of Past Life or Future Life Regression/Projection, which plays a part in this new modality, she has years of personal experience of its benefits.

Possible Benefits 

- Nurture/Relaxation

These treatments allow the client to go very deep into a relaxed and calm state. They feel nurtured and loved and rested at a very deep level afterwards.

- Sleeping Patterns

People have talked about having deep sleep and waking up refreshed after a treatment and that patterns have improved as a result.

- Stress

Can be reduced quite considerably during and after treatment

- Improved Sense of Wellbeing and self-esteem

This treatment seems to instil the sense of renewed empowerment to the client and a sense of confidence and hope to go forward setting new goals. Renewed vigour and inner strength seems to be the result in many of the Case Studies.

- Cellular Healing

Held within the very fabric of our cells, our muscles and our tissues and bones is the memories of past hurts, fears, traumas. This treatment goes a long way in tapping into these old wounds and releasing them in a gentle, but powerful and profound way. Often karma connected with family members come up to be reviewed and cleared. Real shifts have occurred in the dynamics of the family relationship as a result.

- Karmic Clearing

We are able to go into past lifes quite easily and review energy blocks from these times that can sometimes cause us in this lifetime to feel fear, or reservations about moving forward in certain ways. The act of forgiveness can be powerful.

- Understanding Relationships

S.I.R. truly helps the individual to see who they are and what virtues they can draw back with them from the past life reviews. They can see patterns with parents and siblings that are still playing out in this lifetime, from past lifetimes, and take control and release these negative imprints. Stuck behavioural patterns clear, once and for all. Personal relationships can be better understood and accepted, or issues forgiven after a treatment. A more harmonious living relationship with the loved one can be resumed.


Payment accepted by cheque or cash. If you need to cancel a booking, please let us know 24 hours before your session to avoid cancellation charges.



  • £50 for 60 minutes
  • £75 for 90 minutes


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