MA=RaY Light

Similar to Reiki, which is also a hands-on-energy stream channelled through the practitioner to the client. Instead of Japanese symbols in Reiki, Egyptian symbols are used over areas of the body and the chakras (energy centres in the body). Non-invasive gentle touch is applied to non-sensitive areas in the body such as feet, hands, hips, head etc. MA=RaY Light is regarded as having a very fine vibration, and is a specifically Divine Feminine energy.

MA=RaY Light, 'hands-on' and distant healing, was developed over a period of ten years by Carol Watson and insured in January 2012. Many wonderful testimonials are available in support of MA=RaY Light. The Sekhem vibration is also incorporated from the Helen Belot lineage. The "MA" represents the vibrational light of the two Marys e.g. Mother Mary & Mary Magdalene and the Colour Ray's that co-assist in this treatment represents the "Rays" in MA=RaY Light along with the play on words in the name "MARY." The sacred sound codes of the Solfeggio Frequencies of grace, peace, love and healing are invoked to help at the cellular level. Archangel Metatron assists in the transformation of the old cleared energy from the client. Toning the Chakras, breath work and a spray of sacred elixir is invoked to assist in a session if appropriate.

MA=RaY Light can assist with lessening of life issues, headaches, muscle tension, stress, lack of direction, or moving forward confidently in life. You can feel a sense of deep cleansing inside and around your aura and a deep level of protection against outside environmental and negative energies that impact all of us regularly. It is a catalyst for change in a deeply positive way.


Payment accepted by cheque or cash. If you need to cancel a booking, please let us know 24 hours before your session to avoid cancellation charges.



  • £45 for 60 minutes
  • £65 for 90 minutes


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