Inner Child Healing

When a child experiences something that it cannot integrate or process in a healthy way, it can lead to it “buffering” as a way of managing a situation. This survival strategy can be very effective at the time, but can mean that the child may not be able adaptively process the event. 

A simple analogy would be the oyster with an irritation inside it, it will start to put “layers” around it and form a pearl.

If this development is repressed or not nurtured, then feelings, attitude and actions can become stuck. This can lead to the individual growing with an angry, hurt or scared little child inside

The wounded inner child 

The world view of the inner child is time frozen and is usually outside the conscious awareness of the present child. This static perception and pattern can have a powerful impact on how we are living our lives and the pursuits that we are exploring and trying to cultivate. To resolve this we need to integrate and process those time frozen world views or beliefs to “free” our current selves from the impact of them. A way of doing this is to use our “inner adult" to reparent our inner child. 

Most people, if they saw a child in some kind of distress, will respond with compassion, and try and find out what is going on. They talk to that child with a soft voice, maybe give some physical comfort, such as a hug, and help that child process what is going on. This is what we need to do with those internal aspects of ourselves - the adult reparenting the child.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way to start to process and resolve those stuck beliefs, world view and unconscious reactions.


Your therapist will help you define the outcomes that you are after using a detailed assessment, where they will gather language patterns, perceptions and your most effective referral system – eg are you visual, hearing or kinesthetic? Then he will weave all this together into a bespoke hypnotherapy session or sessions that will facilitate the process of melting those frozen world views/beliefs held beyond our conscious awareness.



  • £150 for 120-180 minutes


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