What is Healing?
Lorraine brings together a few modalities of healing to help you on your journey. Each meeting brings a combination of ThetaHealing and Reiki, along with an Aura and Chakra cleanse. This therapeutic approach is ideal for addressing emotional unrest, physical discomfort, limiting beliefs, energy blocks, and may have the effect of advancing spiritual growth.

What are the benefits of healing?
The benefits of healing are specific to the individual, though a sense of relaxation is often a general experience. People have reported an ease of emotional distress, grief and anxiety, and an increase in sense of overall wellbeing. Many people who have regular healing notice significant changes in their life. One of the common elements of each person who has reported positive healing change is an openness to the healing process and a belief that their condition can change.

What can I expect in a session?
Each healing session is an hour long. As environment is very important to wellbeing, a quietened space is set up in our warmed Healing Room, with dimmed lightening, relaxing music, healing crystals, and essential oils, setting the scene for your system to unwind. Here, you are invited to lie on a therapy couch where you are fully clothed and covered in a comfortable blanket. Lorraine begins the healing at the top of your head. There she tunes into your physical, emotional and energetic being by resting her hands lightly on your shoulders. If a person prefers not to have a hands-on experience, healing may be received with hands-off. Moving around you, Lorraine works with healing Reiki energy, which your own body uses to assist in its wellness. If you identify specific areas of concern, Lorrraine facilitates healing in those areas. The healing is completed with a chakra alignment, promoting overall balance and harmony. Ten minutes is left at the end of the session for you to graduallually come around, to discuss the healing, and to talk about a plan for going forward in your healing journey. Lorraine will offer you an Angel Card for further guidance before you leave.



  • £50 for 60 minutes


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