Hauschka Therapeutic Rhythmical Massage Therapy

Hauschka Therapeutic Rhythmical Massage Therapy was developed in Switzerland in the 1920s by Dr. Ita Wegman, a Dutch medical doctor schooled in physiotherapy and massage, and Dr. Margaretha Hauschka. They applied an Anthroposophical* understanding of the human being, and they developed a new approach to therapeutic massage.

Hauschka Therapeutic Rhythmical Massage Therapy is a very gentle, non-intrusive massage. RMT works on deep soft tissue with the hands, employing a light rhythmic quality of touch, bringing levity to the tissue through a drawing out gesture.

The techniques include lifting movements, rhythmical undulating gliding movements, and complex movement patterns such as lemniscates. The emphasis always being that of a rhythmical nature, enabling respiration to become more active and enlivened. Its aim is to stimulate inner activity - balancing out one-sided developments and restoring harmony. Therefore, although discomforts/problems may appear in a particular part of the body, the therapist may address other regions to balance out the disorder. While the gesture may be to decongest, stimulate or soothe, the main theme will be to address the warmth distribution over the body.

In illness, the level of warmth or lack of warmth can vary over parts of the body, and this serves as a tool in addressing blockages, areas of tension etc. for the therapist.

The oils and ointments used are derived from organic and biodynamic grown plants (Wala, Weleda, Hauschka, and Beannachar). Some oils may contain nut derivatives, so please let it be known if you have any skin/nut allergies beforehand.

Hauschka Therapeutic Rhythmical Massage Therapy aids the body in its self-healing abilities by rectifying imbalances derived from illness or stress, and is suitable for adults, children and the infirm.

*Anthroposophical Medicine is a complementary medical approach and is an extension of mainstream mediicine. It employs therapeutic methods to treat patients with acute, chronic, physical, mental, and emotional problems, taking into account their psychological and somatic condition within his/her social context. It addresses not only the physical wellbeing, but also the soul, spirit nature.

Initial consultation

This consists of a brief picture of your current and past medical history, health and life situation, and preceived aims for the therapy. This is followed by a massage, which involves working on the body using oils and ointments, to the back, limbs and abdomen, and a rest period. Following the initial meeting, the therapist draws up a treatment plan.

Subsequesnt Treatments

Following a short review at the begining of each session is a hands-on treatment lasting about 30 minutes. This is followed by a rest period of 20 minutes, which is considered an integral part of the therapy. It is preferred and desirable to create appropriate continuity for the treatment process (taking into account the therapist's assessment of the case, as well as the client's needs and personal circumstances to see what is manageable), a minumum of weekly sessions is essential. As a guide, acute condition would require three sessions, and chronic conditions six, eight or twelve sessions (discounts are available for block session bookings, payable at the end of the first session).


Payment accepted by cheque or cash. If you need to cancel a booking, please let us know 24 hours before your session to avoid cancellation charges.



  • £50 for 60 minutes
  • £65 for 90 minutes(initial consultation and treatment)


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