Face Yoga & Self-Massage classes

Our face and body’s needs are similar when it comes to health. Both require water-rich foods, movement, good muscle tone, stretching, and massage - All of which help maintain, or bring about, a healthy body. The face and head are often neglected when it comes to exercise or massage, but a head, face and neck that is free of tightness and tension really is reflected in the rest of the body. Not only that, when our head, face and neck feel good we are generally more balanced emotionally too. Try to smile while thinking of something miserable and vice versa - it’s difficult!

In our Face Yoga & Self-Massage course at Calmblue, you will learn many effective holistic practices that you can bring into your life, including; Resistance Training Face Exercises, Ayurvedic Face and Head Massage, Eye Exercises, Marma and Acupressure Point touch, simple neck and shoulder stretches, and breathing techniques. You will also learn a short sequence that you can incorporate into your day that will have many positive benefits for your health and well-being.

A little about the practices we will cover in the four-week block:

Resistance Training Face Exercises
Toned muscles and vibrant skin anyone? Face exercises work if we do them! Not only do they firm the muscles under the skin, which increases blood circulation, they also stimulate the lymphatic
system, which runs all over the body and relies on movement to function well and to remove waste and toxins. It is vital to keep our muscles and skin healthy and vibrant in all areas of our body; and the face is no different.

Ayurvedic and Head Massage
Self-massage tecniques that can improve skin and muscle health, blood circulation, lymph drainage, and help with tension relief and headaches.

Eye Exercises
These exercises help with eye strain and blurred vision. You should definitely feel brighter and sharper after doing these practices. It has also been said by Mantak Chia (Taoist Master) that looking up with the eyes closed stimulates the the pituitary gland - which is also known as the master gland, as the hormones it produces control many different processes in the body. Fascinating stuff!

Marma and Acupressure Points
These powerful energy points are located all over the body and many are on the face and head. If the marma points become over or under-stimulated it can result in imbalance in the body. When you discover where these points are you can work with your sinus congestion, headaches, stress, digestive issues, and many other ailments.

These practices not only improve the way the skin and muscles feel and look; they bring a vibrancy to the eyes and clarity in the mind.

Ruby loves to share all that she has found useful and practical about these practices. So if you’d like to come along and pull funny faces with others, it would be great if you could join us!



  • £45 for a block of four sessions, each lasting 60 minutes


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