Divinatory Oracle Readings

The Art of Divination has gone on for millennia; often sought when on the brink of important landmarks in one’s life and on the cusp of change.

Carol Watson has been reading and training Oracle Readers in Scotland and England since 2008. An intuitive Reader who consults a variety of Oracles (foundation spread is Rider Waite), in order to form a picture of a Seeker’s life path.

A short spread of 9 cards offers insights into love and relationships, health situations, career, travel, financial situations and change.

A longer, hour Divinatory Oracle Reading with around 16 various cards is also offered.

The Seeker is usually inspired, uplifted and motivated with the clear messages given by Carol and a new zest and drive for life often occurs. As Carol says, ‘I only confirm that which you already know.’



  • £25 for 30 minutes
  • £49 for 60 minutes


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