Daoyin Tao (Chinese Face Massage)

Daoyin Tao®, pronounced Dow Yin TOW (as in TOWn), is a powerful massage approach that is the culmination of much study and travel in China, coupled withcover 16 years experience as a Complementary Healthcare Practitioner by its originator, Anna-Louise Haigh. A uniquely harmonious blend of ancient Chinese and modern Western massage techniques adapted to suit Western preferences. This new Complementary therapy offers deep relaxation and a wide therapeutic potential. 

Like many complementary therapies that have their roots in time-honoured Eastern traditions and principals, the original practice of Daoyin involved breathing and movement to internally massage organs and increase overall health. Daoyin pre-dates T’ai Chi, Qi gong and Kung Fu. 

Daoyin Tao® seems to provide effectiveness at each recipient’s own level of need, and has a vast potential in many settings, including holistic, clinical and beauty therapy. However, although some of the origins may be similar, it is not comparable to Indian Head Massage. Instead it utilises techniques which are practised in hospitals and clinics throughout China to provide its wide spectrum of benefit. 

To date, sufferers of conditions requiring decongestion, de-stressing, pain relief, rebalancing and revitalisation have all experienced lasting results. Many recipients have even experienced improvement in digestion, circulation and back pain, despite the fact that the techniques are only applied to the face, neck and shoulders - with an optional deep scalp massage enhancing the overall effect. 

Pamela Jo has seen the therapy evolving due to the modern world of technology. Tension has increased in mind and body with the increased pace of life and portable devices, such as iPad, mobile phone, and use of computer at home and work. It seems that everything is expected to be instant. Contrary to this, now is the time that individuals should be taking more time to relax and be in tune with oneself. 

With few contra-indications, Daoyin Tao® has a great deal of potential whether you seek deep relaxation, assistance with management of particular health concerns or a new approach to add to your existing range of treatments. Its popularity and effectiveness is reflected through repeat bookings from delighted clients and patients. 

It is ideal to:

* Rebalance body rhythms
* Reduce stress
* Decongest and detoxify
* Alleviate pain
* Positively influence secondary conditions elsewhere in the body
* Provide support to all levels of holistic healing
* Provide lasting benefit
* Reduce muscle stiffness and tension


Payment accepted by cheque or cash. If you need to cancel a booking, please let us know 24 hours before your session to avoid cancellation charges.



  • £40 for 60 minutes


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