Over five thousands years ago, enlightened sages of ancient India noticed that a person’s life tendencies, both inner and outer, are reflected in the night sky. What’s more, not only do the positions of the stars and planets reveal where a person has been but, more importantly, they foretell where it is he or she is going. Life patterns, they discovered, formed from the pains and joys of previous lives, influence the content of what we experience. This, in turn, has a significant bearing on our future.



However, the sages understood “fate” and “destiny” are not fixed. Indeed, astrology helps you take action to create a better, more fulfilling life by revealing what it is you carry in from the past so you can make the necessary changes. Ultimately, it is how you utilize your “free will” that decides your fate. In this way, astrology becomes a tool for self-growth, life enrichment and, most of all, as a vehicle for awakening you to your highest potential.



David offers you a prescription for living a better, more fulfilling life. His astrological readings help you understand where you were and where you are going and offers you a clear pathway to living the life you want. By understanding what it is that is holding you back, what it is that is causing you to live frustrated and unfulfilled, you can take specific actions to move forward in whatever areas of life you wish. David’s readings not only reveal why your life is the way it is but what you can do to make it blossom.



David offers several different types of astrological readings depending upon your needs:


General Natal Reading

Adults: This is the fundamental reading that reveals your hidden strengths and talents, why your life is the way it is and what you can do to transform it into the life you want. This reading also includes illumination on health, wealth, career, spiritual path and relationships.

Children: Similar to an adult reading but with emphasis on the child’s natural talents, future  challenges and hidden strengths and weaknesses. This reading is especially useful to parents as a guide to supporting your child to grow and develop most naturally and effortlessly.


Annual Checkup

This reading focuses on the coming year and alerts you to upcoming opportunities and challenges. In this way, you can take advantage of the opportunities coming your way while avoiding or mitigating the effects of challenging events. Though this reading is most often given on birthdays and the New Year, it can be given anytime.


Compatibility Reading

Though most often given to couples, a compatibility reading is useful for any relationship in which two people are intimately bound. In this regard, a compatibility reading gives a deeper view of the relationship dynamics between such relationships as romantic partners, spouses, business associates, students and teachers and doctors and patients. Areas covered include the masculine/feminine balance in the relationship, communication, financial success, spiritual and philosophical compatibility, sex, career support, capacity for working together and the ability to overcome difficulty. If you want to know why your relationship struggles and what you can do about it, this is the reading for you.


Specific Issue Reading

This reading goes into great detail into one specific issue. These readings are useful with issues that are particularly challenging or troublesome.



A locational reading examines where it is you live and/or where it is you are considering living. It is used to add more clarity to your current situation or to help you decide where to move in order to accomplish a major desire like finding a partner, succeeding in business or finding the most compatible university. Most often, a locational reading is used when contemplating a move to another locale in order to find a “best” place to live for a specific goal or to weigh the benefits and challenges associated with a particular place.


Event Timing

In the yogic tradition, it is said that how one begins a major life event will dictate the energy that event carries forward. It is similar to the saying, “put the right step forward.” There is a natural energetic flow to life and beginning anything on an auspicious day is like beginning with all your support tools at the ready. On the contrary, when we begin a life event under inauspicious skies, it is like attempting success with one arm tied behind your back. Often used for events like marriage, birth of a child, starting a business, buying or selling a house, etc., this reading aligns you with the natural rhythms of life.


Astrology Tutoring

Want to learn astrology? Using your own astrological chart as reference, David will guide you through the art and science of astrology, teaching you the most significant fundamentals so that you can begin interpreting your own chart.



  • £45 for 60 minutes
  • £65 for 90 minutes


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