Testimonials for Nutritional Therapy

I approached Annie to get some diet and lifestyle advice regarding the health of my teeth, muscle cramps and spasms I had been experiencing in my legs, and what I can do to reduce the hay-fever I suffer from in the midsummer months. Throughout my consultation Annie was approachable and understanding and she took a thorough history of my health. She helped me understand possible triggers to my symptoms by piecing together events in my life which may have contributed to my current state of health. She really got to know me and my lifestyle and helped me to identify the key issues and goals for improvement. Her feedback was personalised, enlightening and given in a way which empowered me to follow her recommendations which included reducing acid forming foods from my diet, increasing magnesium rich foods and foods with anti-inflammatory properties as well as lifestyle recommendations to support relaxation and muscle recovery. I have noticed improvements in my all round health as well as my symptoms within a couple of weeks. I can highly recommend Annie. Her lovely nature inspires confidence, she is 100% professional and her passion and knowledge of the subject shines through.