Testimonials for MA=RaY Light

(January 2013) I came to Calmblue in October 2012 on a recommendation of Reiki. Suffering from panic attack disorder, depression, stress, grief, agoraphobia, and physically ill, I could hardly walk without feeling dizzy or that I could collapse.

After a couple of Reiki sessions with Lorraine, the owner, she recommended changing to Reflexology with her, to build on improving physical health, which it did. I felt relaxed and it lifted my moods.

I then wanted to eperience another treatment along with Reflexology, and saw Carol for Indian Head Massage combined with MA=RaY Light hands on healing, and noticed a huge improvement with my depression and anxiety.

It gave me faith, hope and upliftment. I would absolutely recommend Calmblue, these therapists, and these treatments to anybody. It's first class.

My physical, mental and emotional health have greatly improved. I enjoy my weekly sessions and will continue with them.

Sharon, Edinburgh

(January 2013) I would like to take the opportunity to recommend the first-rate Calmblue therapies at Morningside. I have been receiving treatments at Calmblue for the last 5 months and always feel so welcome.

I started having Reflexology with Lorraine White. I was not a newcomer to this treatment or to holistic therapies and Lorraine’s is by far the best Reflexology treatment I have ever received. Lorraine is a wonderful, professional, kind, attentive and friendly person. She approaches the treatment very thoroughly and not long after my first sessions my physical health had improved dramatically. On recommendation from Lorraine for stress relief I now attend the weekly Guided Meditation group sessions lead by Carol Watson. I tried Guided Meditation for the first time and with Carol’s help I picked the techniques up quickly. Carol is an amazing, kind and compassionate person. Carol infuses her strong positive energy into the group and always makes you feel welcome. I enjoy the weekly session and feel a strong bond, trust and friendship with the group. My stress levels have reduced and I have learnt new relaxation techniques. Most importantly for me I have gained a new understanding about issues and empowerment. I have just started to receive MA=RaY Light treatments with Carol Watson which offer a deeply healing treatment using light source. After one session I felt issues had been lifted and I had a more positive outlook. I will be attending further sessions.

I am impressed with the clinic’s integrated approach to treatment and thank Carol and Lorraine for their help, support and listening. My mental, emotional and physical health has improved greatly and I would not be without these essential sessions. I highly recommend Calmblue’s excellent therapies, approach and practitioners to anyone.


Having had a big shock to my system, I felt clumsy, and not myself. MA=RaY Light was beautiful. Carol's voice soothing and, afterwards, I felt my mind, body and soul were healed. Colour had returned to me.


I can be in chronic pain and almost unable to motivate myself to leave the house and after a treatment I can feel pain free and able to function again. I owe so much to MA-RaY Light and I absolutely value it. I certainly highly recommend it to anyone even, if it is just for relaxation. It works and I love it!


I felt MA=RaY Light permitted a deep connection to pure light. It was deeply peaceful and healing. I would definitely recommend it. I am having more treatments.


This is my third treatment of MA=RaY Light and I would recommend it to another. It is very subtle and calming. I feel it is a great way of addressing emotional issues and issues of in-balance within, such as strong masculine energy being out of sync as in my case. I feel peaceful and calm and in the process of re-aligning my inner masculine aspect through MA=RaY Light.


I have suffered back pain daily every minute of every day since at least the age of seven. I am now twenty three. Immediately after MA=RaY Light with Carol I felt I was pain free for the first time in years. I had no pain whatsoever in my back and I was in shock at that. I never ever thought that would be possible. It felt weird to be pain free. Something that has always been there, was missing. Throughout the treatment I had many flashbacks to times in my life that were painful memories. Each memory surfaced and as quickly left, as if I did not have to process it.

I would recommend MA=RaY Light to others, definitely! Carol is a competent professional, who really made me feel relaxed and at ease and I am blown away by my session still. Thank you so much Carol.

Incidentally I had a further three days with absolutely no pain at all. I actually felt my age for the first time, instead of feeling old. However after the third day I did feel soreness once more in my back and know that I need further treatments in order to fully resolve and release more of my past. I believe that Carol and her amazing treatments will ultimately result in my back finally healing.


I recommend MA=RaY Light to anyone is a turmoil. If you feel emotional and struggle to let go this would be very beneficial. I have had several treatments.


I was very depressed and did not want to talk to anyone prior to the session. My throat was also very hoarse. I felt back to myself after the session and very happy. MA=RaY Light has made an instant and huge difference. Thank you Carol.


(August 2019) “What an amazing experience yesterday was I haven't released that much or felt that sacred an energy in quite a while. My meditations are like watching a movie in my mind and I can see everything playing out in an alternate yet extremely current and very real and extremely relative timeline. Thank u so much for all the work u r doing for me it is greatly appreciated. What a difference u have made in such a short space of time. So much love and many blessings to u Carol and I'll c u next week xxxx

T, Edinburgh