Testimonials for Indian Head Massage

(January 2013) I came to Calmblue in October 2012 on a recommendation of Reiki. Suffering from panic attack disorder, depression, stress, grief, agoraphobia, and physically ill, I could hardly walk without feeling dizzy or that I could collapse.

After a couple of Reiki sessions with Lorraine, the owner, she recommended changing to Reflexology with her, to build on improving physical health, which it did. I felt relaxed and it lifted my moods.

I then wanted to eperience another treatment along with Reflexology, and saw Carol for Indian Head Massage combined with MA=RaY Light hands on healing, and noticed a huge improvement with my depression and anxiety.

It gave me faith, hope and upliftment. I would absolutely recommend Calmblue, these therapists, and these treatments to anybody. It's first class.

My physical, mental and emotional health have greatly improved. I enjoy my weekly sessions and will continue with them.

Sharon, Edinburgh

The massage was thorough and deeply relaxing. I recommend it.


It was great to get my neck, shoulders and spine massaged. I felt as if it went very deep and I went into a state of complete relaxation. I could let go and felt a shift happen within me.


The treatment was more than expected of an Indian Head Massage. It was very relaxing and also made me aware of areas in my body that hold tension and helped relieve them. Thank you Carol.

This is the most relaxed and soothed I have ever been in my life. As if I have had a sedative. I would absolutely recommend it to someone who suffers pain as I do.


Fiona is the genuine article - well trained, professional and committed. A few years ago, I recommended Fiona to colleagues at the Lothian Primary Heathcare Trust, and she has since been providing massage to learning disabled adults within the service, many of whom are labelled 'difficult'. Fiona's emphatic approach has enabled her to build up trusting and beneficial relationships with these clients.