Testimonials for Hypnotherapy

I was delighted to receive such an effective hypnotherapy session from Ryan Scott. Struggling with some health issues, my body and mind had been feeling agitated and stressed. Ryan’s session put me in to a profound state of peace where my ‘mind chatter’ completely calmed. I felt my body was able to receive very deep relaxation as a result of Ryan’s work. Ryan is an extremely professional therapist. He is trustworthy, compassionate and worked out exactly what I needed. He is a very good listener and I knew I was in very competent hands.

RB, Edinburgh

Ryan is a natural healer, I always feel restored and rested after my hypnotherapy sessions with him. I've never done hypnotherapy before and his sessions have shown me the power of tapping into my subconscious and the positive changes that can be made there. It's a beautiful experience.