Testimonials for Homeopathy

Lucinda has been such a wonderful support for our family through so many illnesses.  Her deep knowledge and astute intuition accompanied by her compassionate professionalism hold space for healing. Homeopathy has been so helpful in a range of situations when my daughter has suffered from acute earaches, coughs, cold and teething. I have been able to consult Lucinda about deep emotional issues and blocks, finding homeopathy a powerful but gentle tool for supporting personal growth and transformation. What is so interesting is that it looks at the underlying causes as well as acknowledging individual responses. Lucinda is also empowering with her knowledge as she gives you the information to begin to start using the remedies so you are able to take control of your own health. What a wonderful tool kit.


Lucinda's peaceful, calm and caring manner has enabled me to achieve a deeper self-awareness that has been invaluable on my journey towards greater health. At all times, I have felt completely safe and looked after and have been able to work with the remedies she has prescribed, stepping into a sense of well-being that I have been previously unable to achieve. She combines generosity of spirit, an extensive knowledge of homeopathy and intuitive understanding and, as a result of her treatments, I am moving forward into a far greater positivity on all levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. I have the greatest respect for her as a person and a professional and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.