Testimonials for Hauschka Therapeutic Rhythmical Massage Therapy

(February 2013) It is so easy to think that spending money on a course of massage is, in these days, somewhat frivolous and admittedly I was one of those who thought like that. That is until now! I am amazed at the results I have experienced and yet I am not even half way through my eight week course of rhythmical massage therapy.

I went in not really knowing what to expect so, I think, with few preconceptions. I was met by Christine, who has a very calm quiet presence. This aided in my quickly feeling at ease. Having completed my medical history previously we had a brief chat before the first massage. This was explained to me as being more of a general massage to help her establish where she would be focusing in the subsequent massages. It felt very relaxing and I went away feeling great.

Before the second massage we had our quick chat to check on how I had been in the interim period. After this massage and the following one, I was amazed at the incredible sense of wellbeing I was left with. I noticed that previous stressful situations I was able to deal with far better. In fact in general I was just so much more relaxed. I can’t wait to see how I feel by the end of the eight sessions. Christine also gently suggested other aspects of my life that I could look at and improve.

As a person who loves a ‘good massage’, this experience has been very different to my usual one at the Spa. Although I came out feeling great from them, I always found the experience some what short lived. This time I felt that it was really addressing some ongoing chronic difficulties I have suffered from for years. I heartily recommend you give it a go. From one very happy customer


Christine Lynch provides high standard of care throughout the massage. Her gentle and professional approach enables you to relax deeply. Rhythmical Massage Therapy has had a subtle and yet profound effect on me. It has helped me to redirect my energy during a time when I lacked the will to take desired actions. It was gentle and relaxing. I would highly recommend it.


My experience of the work of Christine Lynch as a practitioner of Rhythmical Massage Therapy is primarily of genuine care and remarkable attention. Her calm and confident manner created a sense of deep trust in me. The massage is very subtle and moving on so may levels; physical, emotional, and metaphysical. The process of the consultation of first a brief conversation, then the wonderful massage and finishing with a period of rest and inner settling creates a whole experience of unique care.