Testimonials for Feather Stone Healing

This is the perfect treatment for people who do not want to be touched, do not feel like being touched or do not want to take off their clothes as Pam is working in the energy field. She placed a stone in each hand and that marked the beginning of the session. I could sense her waving the feather over me and then I went into a dream like state that was very pleasant. I experienced warmth and tingling and then she removed the stones marking the end of the session. I couldn't believe so much time had passed. She told me I may experience things up to 4 weeks after the session. Two days later my left knee tingled for about 12 hours. Tension has left my joints and after needing to sleep more in the first week after the session I have more energy and clarity, feel more creative, inventing recipes etc, and generally happier altogether. What is so amazing about this therapy is its gentleness and effectiveness. I highly reccommend Pam and stone and feather.