Testimonials for Deep Tissue Massage

(January 2013) I would like the opportunity to recommend the excellent 'Calmblue' and the awesome treatments they have to offer. I have had the most amazing reflexology from Lorraine White (the owner) that has helped and pin pointed not just some physical ailments but emotional as well which really outstanded me with their accuracy.

I have also been fortunate enough to have had treatment from the lovely Alison Brown for remedial massage, I initially went with some awful problems in my legs and quickly she ascertained greater reasons why and very quickly the pain and discomfort disappeared with such positive results both physically and mentally. 

Both Lorraine and Alison not only give you their expertise within their field, but are so welcoming, lovely and offer endless advice on how to improve your life style.

I have just returned again to have some further treatment with Alison as I have a problem with my neck and shoulder and after my initial visit I am already feeling on the road to recovery. You certainly leave feeling revitalised and knowing that the treatment is special


(January 2013) I would like to recommend Calmblue Holistic Therapies, firstly because the staff are so welcoming and friendly with genuine caring hearts. Secondly their holistic therapies I have experienced were amazing, particularly the Remedial Massage with Alison Brown; she has been a life saver to me in helping relieve my severe neck and upper back pain. Additionally, her Deep Tissue Massage skills and techniques leave your body and mind feeling amazingly relaxed and rested. So a huge thank you Alison for your magic hands.

I would also like to recommend the Guided Meditation Group Sessions with Carol Watson. Carol has created fabulous meditation journeys which has allowed me to take time out in my life, to de-stress and to recharge the old batteries; its also a good way to meet new people. Massive thanks to you Carol.

I have only been using these holistic therapies for a short while, but the benefits I have gained during this time have been gratefully received and it is well worth trying it out for yourself.


(January 2013) After discussing my stiff neck and tension up the side of my head with my dentist she recommended me to Calm Blue in Morningside.

The first massage concentrated on my neck, shoulders and arms. I was impressed with the detailed notes which were made prior to the treatment and the sensitive approach to my symptoms. Having had breast cancer and surgery one shoulder is tilted and I now know how to improve my posture. The treatment session was very calm and almost timeless and after a few days I had greater neck movement and less tension. I booked another session and asked if anything could be done to improve foot/ankle movement since I have numbness following chemotherapy. Once again Alison noted the poor flexibility and tight leg muscles. After the massage the difference was noticeable and I am now concentrating on the exercises which I can do at home. I would highly recommend Calm Blue for the professional support and expertise.


(January 2013) I found Calmblue by chance and read one of the leaflets that they have outside their Holistic Therapy Centre. I decided to try their remedial massage as I had been having problems with my leg for several months and met with Alison Brown. Alison diagnosed my problem and gave me a treatment in session one which resulted in enormous relief. After a second session my leg is no longer giving me pain and the exercises that Alison suggested continue to increase flexibility. At the first sign of a problem I will have no hesitation in going back to Calmblue and seeking help from Alison.


(December 2012) After years of pain and months of unsuccessful physiotherapy for a sporting injury in my knee and leg, I had 6 sessions of Bowen Therapy with Dr Milliken. After a few sessions I could feel a little change in the pain I suffered in my leg, and after 6 sessions I was astonished that the daily pain had gone completely. The Dr took a great deal of time to establish the cause of the injury and assess all aspects of the bone, muscle and ligaments in the surrounding area. The treatment was thorough and I felt I was being listened to in my description of what was wrong. I never thought I would even think about doing sport again but I am pain free and so grateful for my treatment at Calmblue.


(October 2012) Alison Brown is nothing short of amazing! Years of pain after a neck fracture, damaged muscles and ligaments, my joints were ready to give up. Three sessions later I stood and watched 2 hockey matches in a row with no pain! I can climb the stairs with no pain...the list could go on. Suffice to say, Alison has worked wonders and I feel fortunate to have found her! (Thank you Calmblue!) Not only is Alison fabulous at what she does, she is lovely too!


(June 2012) Alison Brown works miracles! I have been playing the violin for 23 years, professionally for about 10, and so have many RSI problems. I also have Fibromyalgia which has caused me great pain. Although I have seen many(!) therapists over the years, with varying techniques, Alison has been the most successful. She doesn't believe in hurting you to release an area, but in working on it, then stretching it out so that she can work deeper. It wasn't what I expected from remedial massage, but it really works.
I had 4 sessions with Alison to begin with, and will now keep up a bit of maintenance with her. My forearms have always been a problem area and she tackled these so that they became pain free after the first session! She also showed me stretches, which have helped enormously. We built up to my most troublesome areas and I suffered no side effects, which is unheard of! I was completely pain free for a couple of days after each session and overall my pain has lessened. I have fewer muscle spasms, which has changed my quality of life a great deal. I am truly grateful.
Alison chatted with me about my condition before I booked the appointment so that we were both sure she could help me, which I really appreciated. She also doesn't believe in having loads of sessions before you see a difference, unlike most other practitioners I have seen, so it is more wallet friendly. And above all, she is lovely! 


For many years I suffered from a knee problem and back pain. A friend suggested that I went to see Alison Brown who might help to relieve my discomfort. I did this, and found that Alison was able to greatly alleviate the pain and swelling in my knee and also the pain in my back. This has improved my mobility and enabled me to undertake things that would not otherwise have been possible, and greatly improving my quality of life. In addition to her considerable knowledge and skills, Alison has a charming personality.


(December 2012) Calmblue offers a peaceful atmosphere. The therapists appear devoted and efficient. I have felt relief from therapies of Reflexology, Reiki and ThetaHealing, as well as Bowen Technique. My child has benefitted particularly from ThetaHealing and repeatedly requests more Reflexology.


As a keen sports person (triathlons, marathons, ironman etc) and someone who has had four full-term pregnancies - I have come to know Alison well over many years. Whether it has been back pain, problems with hips, sore shoulder and sore foot/ankle - she has always managed to work away the aches and pains. Alison's manner is very professional and her work is always excellent. And I'm fairly certain that regular massages have helped in achieving my sports goals and kept me injury free.


I was first referred to Alison in 2007 when I was suffering from severe shoulder pain. I had already tried many different therapies to no avail and was delighted to receive a personal recommendation. I was very impressed by Alison’s exceptionally professional and thorough approach. In the first session Alison spent a great deal of time analyzing my problem and its causes and the impact it was having on the rest of my body prior to deciding on the best treatment. After only two or three follow up sessions Alison had successfully treated my injury and the problem has not recurred. Over the years I have returned to Alison for treatment with a couple of other injuries and I would not consider going anywhere else. In all cases Alison’s treatment has proved highly effective. I have already recommended Alison to many people I know and will continue to do so as all have been delighted with the results.


Alison Brown is one of a kind! She has been my sports massage therapist for over ten years, and I simply can't recommend her highly enough. She's very professional and will quickly pinpoint what your problem is - due to her experience and profound understanding of the workings of the human body. She is also discreet, kind and empathetic, and although I arrive at her treatment room with aches and pains, I never fail to walk away with my spirits, and body, uplifted.


I started to see Alison a few years ago after experiencing about 4 years of lower back pain from having children. I felt immediate relief after Alison used her gentle but extremely effective stretching techniques, which realigned my pelvis. Now, whenever I feel any tension or twisting in my back or shoulders, I always go to Alison. not only is she an excellent therapist, she has a lovely manner and always remembers things we have chatted about. This is a great skill as it makes it a very personal experience. I would (and do) recommend Alison to anyone suffering from back, neck and shoulder problems.


I have visited Alison half a dozen times to resolve some issues I have had with my Achilles tendon and with my back. Alison immediately puts you at your ease and takes time to understand your issues in the context of your overall well-being. What particularly impresses me about Alison is her belief and determination that she can sort you out in one or two visits. This has been the case with the two issues I have had - and I have gone back for further sessions because they are enjoyable and for 'care and maintenance'. Alison gave me exercises to do for my Achilles which were most beneficial. As well as sorting out my back she identified the root cause of the problem - my car seat. If you have an illness or an injury, or are just feeling a bit stiff and need to loosen up a bit, I have no hesitation in recommending Alison - she is an excellent Remedial Massage Therapist.


I have been going to see Alison Brown for remedial sports massage for a number of years, due to various injuries and muscle tension. I have always found Alison to be very competent in dealing with the problems I present with, taking the time to listen to what I say, keeping detailed notes and checking back on previous issues. Alison has a very 'person-centred' approach to her job and is very good at exercising various methods in order to get results, including muscle stretching, some manipulations and stretches for me to do at home. I have a great deal of respect for Alison's professionalism, she has great knowledge in what she does and is not afraid to refer on, if there is something that she thinks is beyond her remit to deal with.


Our family has used Alison Brown's 'sports and remedial massage therapist' service for many years with good results. This has included, after a major car crash, significantly improving articulation and balance caused by the accident trauma. in addition, Alison has assisted horse riding and field support injuries sustained by our teenagers. We have continued to have routine checks from time to time to improve our general muscular-skeletal well being. Prior to treatment a detailed assessment, before addressing symptoms presented, is always carried out and a set of notes on progress between sessions is always carefully kept. We have always found her approach highly professional. Overall we would have no hesitation in recommending Alison for sports injury and general remedial massage therapy.


I have had low back problems for years which I put down to spending much of my working life in front of computers. Alison made a thorough assessment of my posture and alignment which were both found to be contributing to my back problems. She then used massage combined with some stretching and explained that it's important to treat not only the sore bit of my back but all the muscles that might contribute to my back tension. following that, as part of her process, she gave me information about improving my working position set up in order to put less strain on my back and also a few stretches to do at home. As a result, Alison has been able to improve my back to such an extent that life has become much more normal for me. What she achieves is amazing.


Alison has successfully treated an injury to my knee, severe shoulder pain and a torn calf muscle. On every occasion I have been impressed by Alison's thorough approach. She considers not just the injury or painful area in isolation but looks at the whole body, including stance, and takes account of wider issues such as whether you work at a desk, how you sit, whether you drive, carry bags etc. In addition to a very thorough preliminary examination she employs a range of massage and stretching techniques and provides helpful advice for exercises together with adjustments to try with regards posture and sitting positions. The sum total amounts to a highly effective remedy with long lasting beneficial effects. Accordingly I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alison - indeed I have been so happy with her treatment of my various injuries that I have already recommended her to several of my friends and every one of them has contacted me to thank me and say how pleased they have been with the results Alison achieved for them.


Alison was highly recommended to me by a colleague of mine and, having had a couple of treatments, I would not hesitate to pass on the recommendation to anyone looking for a good Remedial Massage Therapist. Alison is very professional and thorough and creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for treatment. She has successfully treated my back problem and given me good advice to help prevent and re-occurrence. I will definitely use her again if I need any other treatments in the future.