Testimonials for Ayurvedic Face Massage

To call what Amannda does ?a face massage is not to do it justice, I feel. Yes, only the face, neck, head and shoulders are actually touched – so it’s definitely an accurate description, but it doesn’t go far enough. It doesn’t hint at the whole-body effect, which seems to work by magic. This is relaxation so profound that it goes beyond the body and deep into the heart and soul. The result is indescribable – soothing at every level, gentle yet so very profound. This is much more than a pamper session, and I recommend it with huge enthusiasm and gratitude.


"Beautiful relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Wonderful massage with beautiful aromatic oils. Felt rejuvenated"


"Amanda has a very special gift and a magical touch, as she gently cherishes your face in this beautiful treatment. I totally loved the experience and felt totally relaxed with the bonus that my face glowed for hours!"


"I had an ayurvedic face massage from Amanda and found it to be an amazing experience! Amanda has the touch, so relaxing and comforting. Definitely recommended!"


"Ayurvedic face massage is one of the most therapeutic experiences. Amanda has a lovely, calming personality and i feel completely comfortable going to her for massage. Highly recommend!"


"My facial massage was positively blissful.  Amanda has a rare ability to be able to remove you from the real world with not only her hands but also with her spirit.  I would thoroughly recommend to anyone."