Testimonials for Pamela Jo Proudfoot

(January 2013) I am so glad that I had the courage to embrace the experience. The Lomi Lomi was done at Calmblue in Morningside and the masseuse immediately put me at me at my ease. I lay face down on the table, listening to the Hawian chanting and slowly drifted into a tranquil state. During the massage the masseuse moved as though she was a dancer, finishing her moves by sweeping her arms high into air. It was graceful and pure. Once I turned over to have the front of my body done, I was able to watch her as she moved through her routine. The massage experience felt both physical and spiritual. My muscles from top to toe were relaxed and my spirit was lifted. I felt that the masseuse really cared about me as both a physical and a spiritual being. I felt amazing, relaxed and stress free and as though the masseuse was my new best friend. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.


Reiki was great, a lovely sensation and relaxing.


Until Pamela put me back together I hadn't known how many pieces I was in. Profoundly healing. I'm full of light, astounding. Enjoying being in my body.


Thank you so much Pamela, not just for the massage but listening to me and my woes. It helps so much as a full time carer to get things off my chest and have the space to relax.


Body has been dense, have created space in molecular structure. Felt like a sandy beach being washed by waves, gentle sea rocking. Aura greatly expanded. Head screwed back on. (Thank you so much Pamela.)


What a wonderful massage! Thank you! Everything felt connected, masseuse, massage and little old me, not separate flowed wonderfully. Keep those healing hands working! Love and light,