Testimonials for Nijen Aksel

(October 2017) I have no idea what we would do without Nijen! She is a great support for our family, she is caring, truly interested, and very responsive. She calms me down during any crisis and always shows positives. She combines her knowledge as a herbalist, GAPS practitioner and a parent, which is just what we need while recovering our child from autism.


(October 2017) Early this year I started the GAPS diet on my own. Soon I realized that due to the nature of my health problems I really needed to be accompanied by a GAPS practitioner in Scotland, and came across Nijen Aksel - a medical herbalist. We had a first interview and Nijen was very thorough getting my complete health history. Since then we have been working together to overcome various issues that have arisen following up with the diet. To any of the problems Nijen's response is immediate and this shows that she really cares about her patients. I believe taht I am receiving the best care, best advice, and treatment from her. I am very grateful for having found her. And I highly recommend Nijen as a caring and professional practitioner.

Rose Samways