Testimonials for Lorraine Simone-White

(February 2014) I can't thank you enough for getting me to this stage (Remedial Massage with Alison Brown) - Alison is lovely. It's my trust and faith in you and your treatments that have allowed me, for the first time in fifteen years, to allow someone to touch me and my sore bits. Life is definitely improving and it's all down to Calmblue!

Carol Greig

(January 2013) I would like the opportunity to recommend the excellent 'Calmblue' and the awesome treatments they have to offer. I have had the most amazing reflexology from Lorraine White (the owner) that has helped and pin pointed not just some physical ailments but emotional as well which really outstanded me with their accuracy.

I have also been fortunate enough to have had treatment from the lovely Alison Brown for remedial massage, I initially went with some awful problems in my legs and quickly she ascertained greater reasons why and very quickly the pain and discomfort disappeared with such positive results both physically and mentally. 

Both Lorraine and Alison not only give you their expertise within their field, but are so welcoming, lovely and offer endless advice on how to improve your life style.

I have just returned again to have some further treatment with Alison as I have a problem with my neck and shoulder and after my initial visit I am already feeling on the road to recovery. You certainly leave feeling revitalised and knowing that the treatment is special


(January 2013) I came to Calmblue in October 2012 on a recommendation of Reiki. Suffering from panic attack disorder, depression, stress, grief, agoraphobia, and physically ill, I could hardly walk without feeling dizzy or that I could collapse.

After a couple of Reiki sessions with Lorraine, the owner, she recommended changing to Reflexology with her, to build on improving physical health, which it did. I felt relaxed and it lifted my moods.

I then wanted to eperience another treatment along with Reflexology, and saw Carol for Indian Head Massage combined with MA=RaY Light hands on healing, and noticed a huge improvement with my depression and anxiety.

It gave me faith, hope and upliftment. I would absolutely recommend Calmblue, these therapists, and these treatments to anybody. It's first class.

My physical, mental and emotional health have greatly improved. I enjoy my weekly sessions and will continue with them.

Sharon, Edinburgh

(January 2013) I've been using Calmblue since it opened last year and think it is a wonderful place. It is discretely positioned off the main Morningside Road, it has a lovely atmosphere, and the therapists are friendly, professional and passionate about what they do. The pricing is competitive and there are plenty of taster days to allow you to try out new therapies. I am very impressed with this little business which is bucking the economic trend and doing very well for itself. And it has a great name!!


(January 2013) I would like to take the opportunity to recommend the first-rate Calmblue therapies at Morningside. I have been receiving treatments at Calmblue for the last 5 months and always feel so welcome.

I started having Reflexology with Lorraine White. I was not a newcomer to this treatment or to holistic therapies and Lorraine’s is by far the best Reflexology treatment I have ever received. Lorraine is a wonderful, professional, kind, attentive and friendly person. She approaches the treatment very thoroughly and not long after my first sessions my physical health had improved dramatically. On recommendation from Lorraine for stress relief I now attend the weekly Guided Meditation group sessions lead by Carol Watson. I tried Guided Meditation for the first time and with Carol’s help I picked the techniques up quickly. Carol is an amazing, kind and compassionate person. Carol infuses her strong positive energy into the group and always makes you feel welcome. I enjoy the weekly session and feel a strong bond, trust and friendship with the group. My stress levels have reduced and I have learnt new relaxation techniques. Most importantly for me I have gained a new understanding about issues and empowerment. I have just started to receive MA=RaY Light treatments with Carol Watson which offer a deeply healing treatment using light source. After one session I felt issues had been lifted and I had a more positive outlook. I will be attending further sessions.

I am impressed with the clinic’s integrated approach to treatment and thank Carol and Lorraine for their help, support and listening. My mental, emotional and physical health has improved greatly and I would not be without these essential sessions. I highly recommend Calmblue’s excellent therapies, approach and practitioners to anyone.


(December 2012) Calmblue offers a peaceful atmosphere. The therapists appear devoted and efficient. I have felt relief from therapies of Reflexology, Reiki and ThetaHealing, as well as Bowen Technique. My child has benefitted particularly from ThetaHealing and repeatedly requests more Reflexology.


Almost two and a half years ago I had a problem with my right eye resulting in a sudden loss of vision as well as intermittent pain. After being referred by my doctor to the Eye Pavillion I was diagnosed with optic neurosis and was advised that in most cases it would take eight to ten weeks for visual functions to return. However, two months had passed and there was virtually no improvement and I became concerned. I was used to having monthly acupuncture for general well-being and while I felt my eye did benefit from the acupuncture, this wasn't sustained as the following day my eye would go back to only having partial vision and some pain. I then decided to give reflexology a try; a huge step for me given that I hate my feet being touched never mind manipulated. Reflexology turned out to be the best money I had spent as Lorraine steadily worked her magic and after a six-week course of treatment my vision in my right eye returned and I was pain free. Two years on I am totally converted to reflexology and continue to have it monthly for general well-being.


My nine year old son began reflexology sessions with Lorraine as he was suffering periodic stomach pains which we felt were due to emotional rather than physiological reasons. As a result of the regular sessions, he now has far fewer pains and is considerably better at coping with them when they do come on.


I have had reflexology treatment with Lorraine White for over a year. I sought her help to boost my immune system and help me cope with stress. I have experienced a marked improvement in my feeling of well-being and have had far fewer coughs and colds since starting the regular reflexology sessions. I also find the sessions emotionally supportive as they offer an opportunity to discuss how I am feeling and coping in general.