Testimonials for John Andrich

(January 2013) Just to say a note to say thank you for all the help you have given me over the last few years. I first came to you for a relaxing massage after I had an accident to my knee, and my body was feeling somewhat battered. After the massage the body just seemed to give a sigh. Since then I have had regular treatment and I find I move freely, and my general physical condition has improved.


A massage from John not only helps my back problems, but my feet and legs have never felt better! I feel several inches taller when I leave! I have been able to walk further than I did previously, and enjoy it much more.


I have a lot of problems with my Achilles tendons. With the advice and massage from John I managed to complete a pain free half marathon. His massages really help with muscle tension and pain.


I would recommend John's Gesell Massage to any person. It has improved the blood circulation in my leg muscles so much that I no longer need a walking stick. This physical improvement has resulted in emotional well-being too.

Jane M

I would recommend John's Health and Wellness Massage to anyone. Thanks to him, I no longer need a stick for walking, nor painkillers. The physical improvement is matched by a mental improvement as well.