Testimonials for Dr. Neil Milliken

(February 2014) I can't thank you enough for getting me to this stage (Remedial Massage with Alison Brown) - Alison is lovely. It's my trust and faith in you and your treatments that have allowed me, for the first time in fifteen years, to allow someone to touch me and my sore bits. Life is definitely improving and it's all down to Calmblue!

Carol Greig

(December 2012) After years of pain and months of unsuccessful physiotherapy for a sporting injury in my knee and leg, I had 6 sessions of Bowen Therapy with Dr Milliken. After a few sessions I could feel a little change in the pain I suffered in my leg, and after 6 sessions I was astonished that the daily pain had gone completely. The Dr took a great deal of time to establish the cause of the injury and assess all aspects of the bone, muscle and ligaments in the surrounding area. The treatment was thorough and I felt I was being listened to in my description of what was wrong. I never thought I would even think about doing sport again but I am pain free and so grateful for my treatment at Calmblue.


(December 2012) Calmblue offers a peaceful atmosphere. The therapists appear devoted and efficient. I have felt relief from therapies of Reflexology, Reiki and ThetaHealing, as well as Bowen Technique. My child has benefitted particularly from ThetaHealing and repeatedly requests more Reflexology.


Eighteen months ago, I was having severe pains in my shoulders and arms, I was referred to the arthritis clinic at the hospital, after various blood tests, the hospital found it to be a vitamin D definincy and they prescribed adcal, these didn't help at all, the pain could be so bad, it would make me cry. Dr.Milliken spoke to me about the bowen therapy technique, how that could possibly help, but it was really down to me if I wanted to give it a go. I had nothing to lose as my shoulders and arms were really painful, also I had a lot of faith in Dr.Milliken, so I agreed to give it a try. The first session made me feel so relaxed, I never felt like that in my life, it felt so good, and gradually after a few sessions, the pain gradually went, it really did help, it made me feel like a new person and I'm not kidding about that.