Testimonials for Carol Watson

(January 2013) I came to Calmblue in October 2012 on a recommendation of Reiki. Suffering from panic attack disorder, depression, stress, grief, agoraphobia, and physically ill, I could hardly walk without feeling dizzy or that I could collapse.

After a couple of Reiki sessions with Lorraine, the owner, she recommended changing to Reflexology with her, to build on improving physical health, which it did. I felt relaxed and it lifted my moods.

I then wanted to eperience another treatment along with Reflexology, and saw Carol for Indian Head Massage combined with MA=RaY Light hands on healing, and noticed a huge improvement with my depression and anxiety.

It gave me faith, hope and upliftment. I would absolutely recommend Calmblue, these therapists, and these treatments to anybody. It's first class.

My physical, mental and emotional health have greatly improved. I enjoy my weekly sessions and will continue with them.

Sharon, Edinburgh

(January 2013) I would like to recommend Calmblue Holistic Therapies, firstly because the staff are so welcoming and friendly with genuine caring hearts. Secondly their holistic therapies I have experienced were amazing, particularly the Remedial Massage with Alison Brown; she has been a life saver to me in helping relieve my severe neck and upper back pain. Additionally, her Deep Tissue Massage skills and techniques leave your body and mind feeling amazingly relaxed and rested. So a huge thank you Alison for your magic hands.

I would also like to recommend the Guided Meditation Group Sessions with Carol Watson. Carol has created fabulous meditation journeys which has allowed me to take time out in my life, to de-stress and to recharge the old batteries; its also a good way to meet new people. Massive thanks to you Carol.

I have only been using these holistic therapies for a short while, but the benefits I have gained during this time have been gratefully received and it is well worth trying it out for yourself.


(January 2013) I would like to take the opportunity to recommend the first-rate Calmblue therapies at Morningside. I have been receiving treatments at Calmblue for the last 5 months and always feel so welcome.

I started having Reflexology with Lorraine White. I was not a newcomer to this treatment or to holistic therapies and Lorraine’s is by far the best Reflexology treatment I have ever received. Lorraine is a wonderful, professional, kind, attentive and friendly person. She approaches the treatment very thoroughly and not long after my first sessions my physical health had improved dramatically. On recommendation from Lorraine for stress relief I now attend the weekly Guided Meditation group sessions lead by Carol Watson. I tried Guided Meditation for the first time and with Carol’s help I picked the techniques up quickly. Carol is an amazing, kind and compassionate person. Carol infuses her strong positive energy into the group and always makes you feel welcome. I enjoy the weekly session and feel a strong bond, trust and friendship with the group. My stress levels have reduced and I have learnt new relaxation techniques. Most importantly for me I have gained a new understanding about issues and empowerment. I have just started to receive MA=RaY Light treatments with Carol Watson which offer a deeply healing treatment using light source. After one session I felt issues had been lifted and I had a more positive outlook. I will be attending further sessions.

I am impressed with the clinic’s integrated approach to treatment and thank Carol and Lorraine for their help, support and listening. My mental, emotional and physical health has improved greatly and I would not be without these essential sessions. I highly recommend Calmblue’s excellent therapies, approach and practitioners to anyone.


I had pain under chest lifting and walking. I faced judgement and guilt issues and felt they have all cleared or been removed since the treatment. Pain has gone. I feel God is working through Carol. Grateful thanks.


Having had a big shock to my system, I felt clumsy, and not myself. MA=RaY Light was beautiful. Carol's voice soothing and, afterwards, I felt my mind, body and soul were healed. Colour had returned to me.


I can be in chronic pain and almost unable to motivate myself to leave the house and after a treatment I can feel pain free and able to function again. I owe so much to MA-RaY Light and I absolutely value it. I certainly highly recommend it to anyone even, if it is just for relaxation. It works and I love it!


The massage was thorough and deeply relaxing. I recommend it.


It was great to get my neck, shoulders and spine massaged. I felt as if it went very deep and I went into a state of complete relaxation. I could let go and felt a shift happen within me.


The treatment was more than expected of an Indian Head Massage. It was very relaxing and also made me aware of areas in my body that hold tension and helped relieve them. Thank you Carol.

I felt MA=RaY Light permitted a deep connection to pure light. It was deeply peaceful and healing. I would definitely recommend it. I am having more treatments.


This is my third treatment of MA=RaY Light and I would recommend it to another. It is very subtle and calming. I feel it is a great way of addressing emotional issues and issues of in-balance within, such as strong masculine energy being out of sync as in my case. I feel peaceful and calm and in the process of re-aligning my inner masculine aspect through MA=RaY Light.


I have tried many things and offer therapies myself, including: Egyptian Healing; Reiki; Reflexology; Swedish Body Massage; Indian Head Massage & Hot Stone Therapy & more. Nothing compared to the S.I.R. It seemed to shift something that had been with me since birth. Thank you Carol for helping me through this. I only wish I had known about this before & would not have had to suffer so long.


I went deep quickly and lots of emotions and visions etc came up. I feel a major shift has happened. I now feel able to move forward with more confidence in my life. Thank you Carol.


There was a lot of emotional release during my treatment. The many hurts I have encountered in this lifetime came up. The pain of being raped at an early age was crippling me inside also. After this session, I have now been able to let go of this and been able to move on. Don’t be like me and let one incident ruin your whole life. Get help and move forward. I am glad I found out about S.I.R.. Thank you Carol.


This is the most relaxed and soothed I have ever been in my life. As if I have had a sedative. I would absolutely recommend it to someone who suffers pain as I do.


I have suffered back pain daily every minute of every day since at least the age of seven. I am now twenty three. Immediately after MA=RaY Light with Carol I felt I was pain free for the first time in years. I had no pain whatsoever in my back and I was in shock at that. I never ever thought that would be possible. It felt weird to be pain free. Something that has always been there, was missing. Throughout the treatment I had many flashbacks to times in my life that were painful memories. Each memory surfaced and as quickly left, as if I did not have to process it.

I would recommend MA=RaY Light to others, definitely! Carol is a competent professional, who really made me feel relaxed and at ease and I am blown away by my session still. Thank you so much Carol.

Incidentally I had a further three days with absolutely no pain at all. I actually felt my age for the first time, instead of feeling old. However after the third day I did feel soreness once more in my back and know that I need further treatments in order to fully resolve and release more of my past. I believe that Carol and her amazing treatments will ultimately result in my back finally healing.


The session was exciting as I was regressed to past times/lives to meet my Twin Flame. Old blocks were cleared and I felt energised. I loved the treatment and how it has brought my soul mate into my awareness. I felt the strong connection and feel uplifted by it.


I recommend MA=RaY Light to anyone is a turmoil. If you feel emotional and struggle to let go this would be very beneficial. I have had several treatments.


I felt I have learned where my chest/heart pains have come from. I felt a great weight has been lifted and that I can move on knowing I have the power and the free will to do so. I feel a lot more at ease with myself. I would definitely recommend S.I.R. to others


(5 years attending regular group) “I have thoroughly enjoyed the meditation group and have learnt so much from Carol over the years attending. She is totally in tune with us individually and can relate our visionary experiences and messages we sometimes get to things in our life. It is insightful and always useful. I have often gone away and processed and re-connected to an angel or spiritual guidance that came for me during the following week, just after the session and continue to gain so much from it. I love the ladies that attend and we do feel like a support network and family. It is truly uplifting and wonderful and I have tried to step away a couple of times really as an exercise to see if I “needed the group” - but been drawn back to meditation each time, as I feel it is almost like a lifeline and I value it, Carol and the intimate group of friends I have became so close to”.


(9 Months attending a regular group.) Being a novice to meditation and not knowing what to expect, immediately Carol brought me into her “family”, a wonderful group of women from all walks of life and with inspiring stories and energies. With Carol’s wonderful wisdom, guidance and support and not to mention love and compassion she has opened up my world and life to new and exciting realms. I may not “get it” at every meditation but nonetheless always leave with something and a feeling of being connected. Life is full of judgements… but with Carol and the girls there’s none. You are what you are! I couldn’t imagine being without any of them.


My second session. I have had severe pain in my life for 20 yrs. I cannot believe the difference this treatment has made to me. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wishes to move forward in life and feels stuck with physical, or emotional pain. Many thanks Carol for changing my life


I had Epilepsy from an airborne brain injury. Called Encephalitis or a Brain Abscess. Carol regressed me to the time that it happened which was insightful and powerful to see what occurred. It has helped me deal with the past and my health is better.


Having M.E. my energy is often depleted. I felt a deep sense of cleansing within me during session. I felt energised and uplifted after the treatment. I would definitely recommend to others. Thank you Carol.


I knew I had to come before I had results back from Pre-Cancerous cell test in my mouth. That I had to see what the underlying issues were regarding it. I had made a pact, that if I was clear, I would commit myself in someway to further helping others. It was interesting that the hospital phoned to set the appointment whilst at Carol’s, just in advance of the start of the session. I gained clarity on previous problems during the treatment. I became aware of my wrong doings also. Since the session I feel more free. I have no mouth cancer and I feel I have become a better Being. Thank you Carol


I was very depressed and did not want to talk to anyone prior to the session. My throat was also very hoarse. I felt back to myself after the session and very happy. MA=RaY Light has made an instant and huge difference. Thank you Carol.


I have recently been tested at the hospital and they have discovered I have pollops in my cheeks. I had 3 Sound-Sense sessions with Carol to help relieve the stabbing pain in my face, particularly sinus area before it was diagnosed and given prescribed medication to take from my Doctor. This gave me up to 2 hours pain relief. During the After the Sound-Sense sessions I could literally feel the mucus shift and drain. After the sessions it gave me up to 48 hours pain relief. There were more benefits besides that, such as deep peace and clarity of mind, I also felt soulfully re-connected and had much better sleep. I certainly do highly recommend it.

Lysette, Edinburgh

(August 2019) “What an amazing experience yesterday was I haven't released that much or felt that sacred an energy in quite a while. My meditations are like watching a movie in my mind and I can see everything playing out in an alternate yet extremely current and very real and extremely relative timeline. Thank u so much for all the work u r doing for me it is greatly appreciated. What a difference u have made in such a short space of time. So much love and many blessings to u Carol and I'll c u next week xxxx

T, Edinburgh