(February 2016) I was diagnosed with Sciatica and despite medication was in severe pain for many months. More in desperation than expectation I tried Calmblue. The change in my condition after a few sessions was incredible. I’m walking pain free and feel much more positive mentally. Alison did a thorough investigation of my symptoms and my treatment was tailored to my condition. She made me feel relaxed and the exercises were gentle and very effective. Since my treatment I have recommended her to colleagues and friends. Thank you Alison, you are great.


(February 2014) I can't thank you enough for getting me to this stage (Remedial Massage with Alison Brown) - Alison is lovely. It's my trust and faith in you and your treatments that have allowed me, for the first time in fifteen years, to allow someone to touch me and my sore bits. Life is definitely improving and it's all down to Calmblue!

Carol Greig

(February 2013) It is so easy to think that spending money on a course of massage is, in these days, somewhat frivolous and admittedly I was one of those who thought like that. That is until now! I am amazed at the results I have experienced and yet I am not even half way through my eight week course of rhythmical massage therapy.

I went in not really knowing what to expect so, I think, with few preconceptions. I was met by Christine, who has a very calm quiet presence. This aided in my quickly feeling at ease. Having completed my medical history previously we had a brief chat before the first massage. This was explained to me as being more of a general massage to help her establish where she would be focusing in the subsequent massages. It felt very relaxing and I went away feeling great.

Before the second massage we had our quick chat to check on how I had been in the interim period. After this massage and the following one, I was amazed at the incredible sense of wellbeing I was left with. I noticed that previous stressful situations I was able to deal with far better. In fact in general I was just so much more relaxed. I can’t wait to see how I feel by the end of the eight sessions. Christine also gently suggested other aspects of my life that I could look at and improve.

As a person who loves a ‘good massage’, this experience has been very different to my usual one at the Spa. Although I came out feeling great from them, I always found the experience some what short lived. This time I felt that it was really addressing some ongoing chronic difficulties I have suffered from for years. I heartily recommend you give it a go. From one very happy customer


(January 2013) I would like the opportunity to recommend the excellent 'Calmblue' and the awesome treatments they have to offer. I have had the most amazing reflexology from Lorraine White (the owner) that has helped and pin pointed not just some physical ailments but emotional as well which really outstanded me with their accuracy.

I have also been fortunate enough to have had treatment from the lovely Alison Brown for remedial massage, I initially went with some awful problems in my legs and quickly she ascertained greater reasons why and very quickly the pain and discomfort disappeared with such positive results both physically and mentally. 

Both Lorraine and Alison not only give you their expertise within their field, but are so welcoming, lovely and offer endless advice on how to improve your life style.

I have just returned again to have some further treatment with Alison as I have a problem with my neck and shoulder and after my initial visit I am already feeling on the road to recovery. You certainly leave feeling revitalised and knowing that the treatment is special


(January 2013) I came to Calmblue in October 2012 on a recommendation of Reiki. Suffering from panic attack disorder, depression, stress, grief, agoraphobia, and physically ill, I could hardly walk without feeling dizzy or that I could collapse.

After a couple of Reiki sessions with Lorraine, the owner, she recommended changing to Reflexology with her, to build on improving physical health, which it did. I felt relaxed and it lifted my moods.

I then wanted to eperience another treatment along with Reflexology, and saw Carol for Indian Head Massage combined with MA=RaY Light hands on healing, and noticed a huge improvement with my depression and anxiety.

It gave me faith, hope and upliftment. I would absolutely recommend Calmblue, these therapists, and these treatments to anybody. It's first class.

My physical, mental and emotional health have greatly improved. I enjoy my weekly sessions and will continue with them.

Sharon, Edinburgh

(January 2013) I've been using Calmblue since it opened last year and think it is a wonderful place. It is discretely positioned off the main Morningside Road, it has a lovely atmosphere, and the therapists are friendly, professional and passionate about what they do. The pricing is competitive and there are plenty of taster days to allow you to try out new therapies. I am very impressed with this little business which is bucking the economic trend and doing very well for itself. And it has a great name!!


(January 2013) I would like to recommend Calmblue Holistic Therapies, firstly because the staff are so welcoming and friendly with genuine caring hearts. Secondly their holistic therapies I have experienced were amazing, particularly the Remedial Massage with Alison Brown; she has been a life saver to me in helping relieve my severe neck and upper back pain. Additionally, her Deep Tissue Massage skills and techniques leave your body and mind feeling amazingly relaxed and rested. So a huge thank you Alison for your magic hands.

I would also like to recommend the Guided Meditation Group Sessions with Carol Watson. Carol has created fabulous meditation journeys which has allowed me to take time out in my life, to de-stress and to recharge the old batteries; its also a good way to meet new people. Massive thanks to you Carol.

I have only been using these holistic therapies for a short while, but the benefits I have gained during this time have been gratefully received and it is well worth trying it out for yourself.


(September 2013) The Reiki sessions I experienced with Lorraine felt, to me, very sensitive in her offering of the Reiki, and peaceful as in receiving quietly its emotional and physical healing. I felt quieter following the sessions - a quiet from deep rest induced by the Reiki and Lorraine’s sedative presence.


(January 2013) I would like to take the opportunity to recommend the first-rate Calmblue therapies at Morningside. I have been receiving treatments at Calmblue for the last 5 months and always feel so welcome.

I started having Reflexology with Lorraine White. I was not a newcomer to this treatment or to holistic therapies and Lorraine’s is by far the best Reflexology treatment I have ever received. Lorraine is a wonderful, professional, kind, attentive and friendly person. She approaches the treatment very thoroughly and not long after my first sessions my physical health had improved dramatically. On recommendation from Lorraine for stress relief I now attend the weekly Guided Meditation group sessions lead by Carol Watson. I tried Guided Meditation for the first time and with Carol’s help I picked the techniques up quickly. Carol is an amazing, kind and compassionate person. Carol infuses her strong positive energy into the group and always makes you feel welcome. I enjoy the weekly session and feel a strong bond, trust and friendship with the group. My stress levels have reduced and I have learnt new relaxation techniques. Most importantly for me I have gained a new understanding about issues and empowerment. I have just started to receive MA=RaY Light treatments with Carol Watson which offer a deeply healing treatment using light source. After one session I felt issues had been lifted and I had a more positive outlook. I will be attending further sessions.

I am impressed with the clinic’s integrated approach to treatment and thank Carol and Lorraine for their help, support and listening. My mental, emotional and physical health has improved greatly and I would not be without these essential sessions. I highly recommend Calmblue’s excellent therapies, approach and practitioners to anyone.


(January 2013) I am so glad that I had the courage to embrace the experience. The Lomi Lomi was done at Calmblue in Morningside and the masseuse immediately put me at me at my ease. I lay face down on the table, listening to the Hawian chanting and slowly drifted into a tranquil state. During the massage the masseuse moved as though she was a dancer, finishing her moves by sweeping her arms high into air. It was graceful and pure. Once I turned over to have the front of my body done, I was able to watch her as she moved through her routine. The massage experience felt both physical and spiritual. My muscles from top to toe were relaxed and my spirit was lifted. I felt that the masseuse really cared about me as both a physical and a spiritual being. I felt amazing, relaxed and stress free and as though the masseuse was my new best friend. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone.


(January 2013) After discussing my stiff neck and tension up the side of my head with my dentist she recommended me to Calm Blue in Morningside.

The first massage concentrated on my neck, shoulders and arms. I was impressed with the detailed notes which were made prior to the treatment and the sensitive approach to my symptoms. Having had breast cancer and surgery one shoulder is tilted and I now know how to improve my posture. The treatment session was very calm and almost timeless and after a few days I had greater neck movement and less tension. I booked another session and asked if anything could be done to improve foot/ankle movement since I have numbness following chemotherapy. Once again Alison noted the poor flexibility and tight leg muscles. After the massage the difference was noticeable and I am now concentrating on the exercises which I can do at home. I would highly recommend Calm Blue for the professional support and expertise.


(January 2013) Just to say a note to say thank you for all the help you have given me over the last few years. I first came to you for a relaxing massage after I had an accident to my knee, and my body was feeling somewhat battered. After the massage the body just seemed to give a sigh. Since then I have had regular treatment and I find I move freely, and my general physical condition has improved.


(January 2013) I found Calmblue by chance and read one of the leaflets that they have outside their Holistic Therapy Centre. I decided to try their remedial massage as I had been having problems with my leg for several months and met with Alison Brown. Alison diagnosed my problem and gave me a treatment in session one which resulted in enormous relief. After a second session my leg is no longer giving me pain and the exercises that Alison suggested continue to increase flexibility. At the first sign of a problem I will have no hesitation in going back to Calmblue and seeking help from Alison.


(December 2012) After years of pain and months of unsuccessful physiotherapy for a sporting injury in my knee and leg, I had 6 sessions of Bowen Therapy with Dr Milliken. After a few sessions I could feel a little change in the pain I suffered in my leg, and after 6 sessions I was astonished that the daily pain had gone completely. The Dr took a great deal of time to establish the cause of the injury and assess all aspects of the bone, muscle and ligaments in the surrounding area. The treatment was thorough and I felt I was being listened to in my description of what was wrong. I never thought I would even think about doing sport again but I am pain free and so grateful for my treatment at Calmblue.


(October 2012) Alison Brown is nothing short of amazing! Years of pain after a neck fracture, damaged muscles and ligaments, my joints were ready to give up. Three sessions later I stood and watched 2 hockey matches in a row with no pain! I can climb the stairs with no pain...the list could go on. Suffice to say, Alison has worked wonders and I feel fortunate to have found her! (Thank you Calmblue!) Not only is Alison fabulous at what she does, she is lovely too!


(June 2012) Alison Brown works miracles! I have been playing the violin for 23 years, professionally for about 10, and so have many RSI problems. I also have Fibromyalgia which has caused me great pain. Although I have seen many(!) therapists over the years, with varying techniques, Alison has been the most successful. She doesn't believe in hurting you to release an area, but in working on it, then stretching it out so that she can work deeper. It wasn't what I expected from remedial massage, but it really works.
I had 4 sessions with Alison to begin with, and will now keep up a bit of maintenance with her. My forearms have always been a problem area and she tackled these so that they became pain free after the first session! She also showed me stretches, which have helped enormously. We built up to my most troublesome areas and I suffered no side effects, which is unheard of! I was completely pain free for a couple of days after each session and overall my pain has lessened. I have fewer muscle spasms, which has changed my quality of life a great deal. I am truly grateful.
Alison chatted with me about my condition before I booked the appointment so that we were both sure she could help me, which I really appreciated. She also doesn't believe in having loads of sessions before you see a difference, unlike most other practitioners I have seen, so it is more wallet friendly. And above all, she is lovely! 


I had pain under chest lifting and walking. I faced judgement and guilt issues and felt they have all cleared or been removed since the treatment. Pain has gone. I feel God is working through Carol. Grateful thanks.


For many years I suffered from a knee problem and back pain. A friend suggested that I went to see Alison Brown who might help to relieve my discomfort. I did this, and found that Alison was able to greatly alleviate the pain and swelling in my knee and also the pain in my back. This has improved my mobility and enabled me to undertake things that would not otherwise have been possible, and greatly improving my quality of life. In addition to her considerable knowledge and skills, Alison has a charming personality.


Reiki was great, a lovely sensation and relaxing.


Having had a big shock to my system, I felt clumsy, and not myself. MA=RaY Light was beautiful. Carol's voice soothing and, afterwards, I felt my mind, body and soul were healed. Colour had returned to me.


I can be in chronic pain and almost unable to motivate myself to leave the house and after a treatment I can feel pain free and able to function again. I owe so much to MA-RaY Light and I absolutely value it. I certainly highly recommend it to anyone even, if it is just for relaxation. It works and I love it!


A massage from John not only helps my back problems, but my feet and legs have never felt better! I feel several inches taller when I leave! I have been able to walk further than I did previously, and enjoy it much more.


I have a lot of problems with my Achilles tendons. With the advice and massage from John I managed to complete a pain free half marathon. His massages really help with muscle tension and pain.


Fiona's treatments are utter bliss and so relaxing. My favourite is the hot stone massage - a real stress buster.


The massage was thorough and deeply relaxing. I recommend it.


It was great to get my neck, shoulders and spine massaged. I felt as if it went very deep and I went into a state of complete relaxation. I could let go and felt a shift happen within me.


The treatment was more than expected of an Indian Head Massage. It was very relaxing and also made me aware of areas in my body that hold tension and helped relieve them. Thank you Carol.

I felt MA=RaY Light permitted a deep connection to pure light. It was deeply peaceful and healing. I would definitely recommend it. I am having more treatments.


Carol was very professional and caring. I feel relaxed and alert. It was very good. I would have another and recommend it to another. Thank you.

I would recommend John's Gesell Massage to any person. It has improved the blood circulation in my leg muscles so much that I no longer need a walking stick. This physical improvement has resulted in emotional well-being too.

Jane M

(December 2012) Calmblue offers a peaceful atmosphere. The therapists appear devoted and efficient. I have felt relief from therapies of Reflexology, Reiki and ThetaHealing, as well as Bowen Technique. My child has benefitted particularly from ThetaHealing and repeatedly requests more Reflexology.


Before I started to have counselling sessions with Lucila I had been through a pretty rough time. I had had a nervous breakdown and I felt that my life was over in many ways. I have seen many counsellors over the years and didn’t find they were much help, so at first I felt a bit apprehensive about seeing another one. However, I found Lucila’s approach to counselling refreshingly new and positive. Our weekly sessions have helped me immensely, making me look at life with more clarity and optimism.

I would not have the slightest hesitation in recommending Biographical Counselling to anyone who feels they need counselling. Of course there is no quick cure for depression and anxiety but with Lucila’s help I have learned to cope much better and I find that our weekly sessions recharge my emotional and mental batteries.


This is the perfect treatment for people who do not want to be touched, do not feel like being touched or do not want to take off their clothes as Pam is working in the energy field. She placed a stone in each hand and that marked the beginning of the session. I could sense her waving the feather over me and then I went into a dream like state that was very pleasant. I experienced warmth and tingling and then she removed the stones marking the end of the session. I couldn't believe so much time had passed. She told me I may experience things up to 4 weeks after the session. Two days later my left knee tingled for about 12 hours. Tension has left my joints and after needing to sleep more in the first week after the session I have more energy and clarity, feel more creative, inventing recipes etc, and generally happier altogether. What is so amazing about this therapy is its gentleness and effectiveness. I highly reccommend Pam and stone and feather. 


I have reached a point where I can feel my 'inner'ness' has been nurtured and healed and strengthened through all the work we have done together, and I feel more able to engage and cope with what life brings, in ways I have never felt able to do so before...

C. D., Morningside

I felt completely at ease with Karolyne and each session followed on very nicely, and she was extremely professional. It was basically the tweak I needed at the right time and I can't thank you enough for providing such a great service!

E. A., Morningside

This is my third treatment of MA=RaY Light and I would recommend it to another. It is very subtle and calming. I feel it is a great way of addressing emotional issues and issues of in-balance within, such as strong masculine energy being out of sync as in my case. I feel peaceful and calm and in the process of re-aligning my inner masculine aspect through MA=RaY Light.


I have tried many things and offer therapies myself, including: Egyptian Healing; Reiki; Reflexology; Swedish Body Massage; Indian Head Massage & Hot Stone Therapy & more. Nothing compared to the S.I.R. It seemed to shift something that had been with me since birth. Thank you Carol for helping me through this. I only wish I had known about this before & would not have had to suffer so long.


Until Pamela put me back together I hadn't known how many pieces I was in. Profoundly healing. I'm full of light, astounding. Enjoying being in my body.


I went deep quickly and lots of emotions and visions etc came up. I feel a major shift has happened. I now feel able to move forward with more confidence in my life. Thank you Carol.


As a keen sports person (triathlons, marathons, ironman etc) and someone who has had four full-term pregnancies - I have come to know Alison well over many years. Whether it has been back pain, problems with hips, sore shoulder and sore foot/ankle - she has always managed to work away the aches and pains. Alison's manner is very professional and her work is always excellent. And I'm fairly certain that regular massages have helped in achieving my sports goals and kept me injury free.


Almost two and a half years ago I had a problem with my right eye resulting in a sudden loss of vision as well as intermittent pain. After being referred by my doctor to the Eye Pavillion I was diagnosed with optic neurosis and was advised that in most cases it would take eight to ten weeks for visual functions to return. However, two months had passed and there was virtually no improvement and I became concerned. I was used to having monthly acupuncture for general well-being and while I felt my eye did benefit from the acupuncture, this wasn't sustained as the following day my eye would go back to only having partial vision and some pain. I then decided to give reflexology a try; a huge step for me given that I hate my feet being touched never mind manipulated. Reflexology turned out to be the best money I had spent as Lorraine steadily worked her magic and after a six-week course of treatment my vision in my right eye returned and I was pain free. Two years on I am totally converted to reflexology and continue to have it monthly for general well-being.


Eighteen months ago, I was having severe pains in my shoulders and arms, I was referred to the arthritis clinic at the hospital, after various blood tests, the hospital found it to be a vitamin D definincy and they prescribed adcal, these didn't help at all, the pain could be so bad, it would make me cry. Dr.Milliken spoke to me about the bowen therapy technique, how that could possibly help, but it was really down to me if I wanted to give it a go. I had nothing to lose as my shoulders and arms were really painful, also I had a lot of faith in Dr.Milliken, so I agreed to give it a try. The first session made me feel so relaxed, I never felt like that in my life, it felt so good, and gradually after a few sessions, the pain gradually went, it really did help, it made me feel like a new person and I'm not kidding about that.


There was a lot of emotional release during my treatment. The many hurts I have encountered in this lifetime came up. The pain of being raped at an early age was crippling me inside also. After this session, I have now been able to let go of this and been able to move on. Don’t be like me and let one incident ruin your whole life. Get help and move forward. I am glad I found out about S.I.R.. Thank you Carol.


I was first referred to Alison in 2007 when I was suffering from severe shoulder pain. I had already tried many different therapies to no avail and was delighted to receive a personal recommendation. I was very impressed by Alison’s exceptionally professional and thorough approach. In the first session Alison spent a great deal of time analyzing my problem and its causes and the impact it was having on the rest of my body prior to deciding on the best treatment. After only two or three follow up sessions Alison had successfully treated my injury and the problem has not recurred. Over the years I have returned to Alison for treatment with a couple of other injuries and I would not consider going anywhere else. In all cases Alison’s treatment has proved highly effective. I have already recommended Alison to many people I know and will continue to do so as all have been delighted with the results.


This treatment was quite interesting, as I have always had an odd relationship with my Father. Since the treatment, I find it much easier to communicate with him. The treatment seems to release blocks, from years ago, as well as from past lives. I recommend this treatment


This is the most relaxed and soothed I have ever been in my life. As if I have had a sedative. I would absolutely recommend it to someone who suffers pain as I do.


Alison Brown is one of a kind! She has been my sports massage therapist for over ten years, and I simply can't recommend her highly enough. She's very professional and will quickly pinpoint what your problem is - due to her experience and profound understanding of the workings of the human body. She is also discreet, kind and empathetic, and although I arrive at her treatment room with aches and pains, I never fail to walk away with my spirits, and body, uplifted.


I started to see Alison a few years ago after experiencing about 4 years of lower back pain from having children. I felt immediate relief after Alison used her gentle but extremely effective stretching techniques, which realigned my pelvis. Now, whenever I feel any tension or twisting in my back or shoulders, I always go to Alison. not only is she an excellent therapist, she has a lovely manner and always remembers things we have chatted about. This is a great skill as it makes it a very personal experience. I would (and do) recommend Alison to anyone suffering from back, neck and shoulder problems.


I have visited Alison half a dozen times to resolve some issues I have had with my Achilles tendon and with my back. Alison immediately puts you at your ease and takes time to understand your issues in the context of your overall well-being. What particularly impresses me about Alison is her belief and determination that she can sort you out in one or two visits. This has been the case with the two issues I have had - and I have gone back for further sessions because they are enjoyable and for 'care and maintenance'. Alison gave me exercises to do for my Achilles which were most beneficial. As well as sorting out my back she identified the root cause of the problem - my car seat. If you have an illness or an injury, or are just feeling a bit stiff and need to loosen up a bit, I have no hesitation in recommending Alison - she is an excellent Remedial Massage Therapist.


Fiona is the genuine article - well trained, professional and committed. A few years ago, I recommended Fiona to colleagues at the Lothian Primary Heathcare Trust, and she has since been providing massage to learning disabled adults within the service, many of whom are labelled 'difficult'. Fiona's emphatic approach has enabled her to build up trusting and beneficial relationships with these clients.


I have been going to see Alison Brown for remedial sports massage for a number of years, due to various injuries and muscle tension. I have always found Alison to be very competent in dealing with the problems I present with, taking the time to listen to what I say, keeping detailed notes and checking back on previous issues. Alison has a very 'person-centred' approach to her job and is very good at exercising various methods in order to get results, including muscle stretching, some manipulations and stretches for me to do at home. I have a great deal of respect for Alison's professionalism, she has great knowledge in what she does and is not afraid to refer on, if there is something that she thinks is beyond her remit to deal with.


My nine year old son began reflexology sessions with Lorraine as he was suffering periodic stomach pains which we felt were due to emotional rather than physiological reasons. As a result of the regular sessions, he now has far fewer pains and is considerably better at coping with them when they do come on.


Our family has used Alison Brown's 'sports and remedial massage therapist' service for many years with good results. This has included, after a major car crash, significantly improving articulation and balance caused by the accident trauma. in addition, Alison has assisted horse riding and field support injuries sustained by our teenagers. We have continued to have routine checks from time to time to improve our general muscular-skeletal well being. Prior to treatment a detailed assessment, before addressing symptoms presented, is always carried out and a set of notes on progress between sessions is always carefully kept. We have always found her approach highly professional. Overall we would have no hesitation in recommending Alison for sports injury and general remedial massage therapy.


I have suffered back pain daily every minute of every day since at least the age of seven. I am now twenty three. Immediately after MA=RaY Light with Carol I felt I was pain free for the first time in years. I had no pain whatsoever in my back and I was in shock at that. I never ever thought that would be possible. It felt weird to be pain free. Something that has always been there, was missing. Throughout the treatment I had many flashbacks to times in my life that were painful memories. Each memory surfaced and as quickly left, as if I did not have to process it.

I would recommend MA=RaY Light to others, definitely! Carol is a competent professional, who really made me feel relaxed and at ease and I am blown away by my session still. Thank you so much Carol.

Incidentally I had a further three days with absolutely no pain at all. I actually felt my age for the first time, instead of feeling old. However after the third day I did feel soreness once more in my back and know that I need further treatments in order to fully resolve and release more of my past. I believe that Carol and her amazing treatments will ultimately result in my back finally healing.


The session was exciting as I was regressed to past times/lives to meet my Twin Flame. Old blocks were cleared and I felt energised. I loved the treatment and how it has brought my soul mate into my awareness. I felt the strong connection and feel uplifted by it.


I recommend MA=RaY Light to anyone is a turmoil. If you feel emotional and struggle to let go this would be very beneficial. I have had several treatments.


I have had low back problems for years which I put down to spending much of my working life in front of computers. Alison made a thorough assessment of my posture and alignment which were both found to be contributing to my back problems. She then used massage combined with some stretching and explained that it's important to treat not only the sore bit of my back but all the muscles that might contribute to my back tension. following that, as part of her process, she gave me information about improving my working position set up in order to put less strain on my back and also a few stretches to do at home. As a result, Alison has been able to improve my back to such an extent that life has become much more normal for me. What she achieves is amazing.


Alison has successfully treated an injury to my knee, severe shoulder pain and a torn calf muscle. On every occasion I have been impressed by Alison's thorough approach. She considers not just the injury or painful area in isolation but looks at the whole body, including stance, and takes account of wider issues such as whether you work at a desk, how you sit, whether you drive, carry bags etc. In addition to a very thorough preliminary examination she employs a range of massage and stretching techniques and provides helpful advice for exercises together with adjustments to try with regards posture and sitting positions. The sum total amounts to a highly effective remedy with long lasting beneficial effects. Accordingly I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Alison - indeed I have been so happy with her treatment of my various injuries that I have already recommended her to several of my friends and every one of them has contacted me to thank me and say how pleased they have been with the results Alison achieved for them.


Thank you so much Pamela, not just for the massage but listening to me and my woes. It helps so much as a full time carer to get things off my chest and have the space to relax.


I felt I have learned where my chest/heart pains have come from. I felt a great weight has been lifted and that I can move on knowing I have the power and the free will to do so. I feel a lot more at ease with myself. I would definitely recommend S.I.R. to others


Body has been dense, have created space in molecular structure. Felt like a sandy beach being washed by waves, gentle sea rocking. Aura greatly expanded. Head screwed back on. (Thank you so much Pamela.)


(5 years attending regular group) “I have thoroughly enjoyed the meditation group and have learnt so much from Carol over the years attending. She is totally in tune with us individually and can relate our visionary experiences and messages we sometimes get to things in our life. It is insightful and always useful. I have often gone away and processed and re-connected to an angel or spiritual guidance that came for me during the following week, just after the session and continue to gain so much from it. I love the ladies that attend and we do feel like a support network and family. It is truly uplifting and wonderful and I have tried to step away a couple of times really as an exercise to see if I “needed the group” - but been drawn back to meditation each time, as I feel it is almost like a lifeline and I value it, Carol and the intimate group of friends I have became so close to”.


To call what Amannda does ?a face massage is not to do it justice, I feel. Yes, only the face, neck, head and shoulders are actually touched – so it’s definitely an accurate description, but it doesn’t go far enough. It doesn’t hint at the whole-body effect, which seems to work by magic. This is relaxation so profound that it goes beyond the body and deep into the heart and soul. The result is indescribable – soothing at every level, gentle yet so very profound. This is much more than a pamper session, and I recommend it with huge enthusiasm and gratitude.


?"?Beautiful relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. Wonderful massage with beautiful aromatic oils. Felt rejuvenated"


What a wonderful massage! Thank you! Everything felt connected, masseuse, massage and little old me, not separate flowed wonderfully. Keep those healing hands working! Love and light,


Christine Lynch provides high standard of care throughout the massage. Her gentle and professional approach enables you to relax deeply. Rhythmical Massage Therapy has had a subtle and yet profound effect on me. It has helped me to redirect my energy during a time when I lacked the will to take desired actions. It was gentle and relaxing. I would highly recommend it.


"Amanda has a very special gift and a magical touch, as she gently cherishes your face in this beautiful treatment. I totally loved the experience and felt totally relaxed with the bonus that my face glowed for hours!"


I came to Karolyne to explore the reasons behind sporadic negative eating habits. I had never engaged in any kind of counselling or therapy before and was quite apprehensive about what it might entail. I can only recommend both Karolyne and her theta-healing approach which have been literally life-changing. Through a very gentle process, we were able to identify in one session a blockage which contributed to negative eating patterns and I left feeling equipped to spot the triggers. This has been hugely beneficial. I found Karolyne to be a truly gifted healer. She was able to put me at ease immediately and has allowed me to develop a greater understanding of myself. My sessions with her have been transformational and I would recommend her unreservedly.


"I had an ayurvedic face massage from Amanda and found it to be an amazing experience! Amanda has the touch, so relaxing and comforting. Definitely recommended!"


I approached Annie to get some diet and lifestyle advice regarding the health of my teeth, muscle cramps and spasms I had been experiencing in my legs, and what I can do to reduce the hay-fever I suffer from in the midsummer months. Throughout my consultation Annie was approachable and understanding and she took a thorough history of my health. She helped me understand possible triggers to my symptoms by piecing together events in my life which may have contributed to my current state of health. She really got to know me and my lifestyle and helped me to identify the key issues and goals for improvement. Her feedback was personalised, enlightening and given in a way which empowered me to follow her recommendations which included reducing acid forming foods from my diet, increasing magnesium rich foods and foods with anti-inflammatory properties as well as lifestyle recommendations to support relaxation and muscle recovery. I have noticed improvements in my all round health as well as my symptoms within a couple of weeks. I can highly recommend Annie. Her lovely nature inspires confidence, she is 100% professional and her passion and knowledge of the subject shines through.


"Ayurvedic face massage is one of the most therapeutic experiences. Amanda has a lovely, calming personality and i feel completely comfortable going to her for massage. Highly recommend!"


Alison was highly recommended to me by a colleague of mine and, having had a couple of treatments, I would not hesitate to pass on the recommendation to anyone looking for a good Remedial Massage Therapist. Alison is very professional and thorough and creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere for treatment. She has successfully treated my back problem and given me good advice to help prevent and re-occurrence. I will definitely use her again if I need any other treatments in the future.


"My facial massage was positively blissful.  Amanda has a rare ability to be able to remove you from the real world with not only her hands but also with her spirit.  I would thoroughly recommend to anyone."


I have had reflexology treatment with Lorraine White for over a year. I sought her help to boost my immune system and help me cope with stress. I have experienced a marked improvement in my feeling of well-being and have had far fewer coughs and colds since starting the regular reflexology sessions. I also find the sessions emotionally supportive as they offer an opportunity to discuss how I am feeling and coping in general.


My experience of the work of Christine Lynch as a practitioner of Rhythmical Massage Therapy is primarily of genuine care and remarkable attention. Her calm and confident manner created a sense of deep trust in me. The massage is very subtle and moving on so may levels; physical, emotional, and metaphysical. The process of the consultation of first a brief conversation, then the wonderful massage and finishing with a period of rest and inner settling creates a whole experience of unique care.


I would recommend John's Health and Wellness Massage to anyone. Thanks to him, I no longer need a stick for walking, nor painkillers. The physical improvement is matched by a mental improvement as well.


(9 Months attending a regular group.) Being a novice to meditation and not knowing what to expect, immediately Carol brought me into her “family”, a wonderful group of women from all walks of life and with inspiring stories and energies. With Carol’s wonderful wisdom, guidance and support and not to mention love and compassion she has opened up my world and life to new and exciting realms. I may not “get it” at every meditation but nonetheless always leave with something and a feeling of being connected. Life is full of judgements… but with Carol and the girls there’s none. You are what you are! I couldn’t imagine being without any of them.


My confidence soared and despite my sore foot which was miles better following our sessions, I achieved more than I thought I could. I felt full of energy and raring to go afterwards. It is like weights being lifted from your shoulders. I know where to come when I need a little boost!


My second session. I have had severe pain in my life for 20 yrs. I cannot believe the difference this treatment has made to me. I would recommend this treatment to anyone who wishes to move forward in life and feels stuck with physical, or emotional pain. Many thanks Carol for changing my life


I had Epilepsy from an airborne brain injury. Called Encephalitis or a Brain Abscess. Carol regressed me to the time that it happened which was insightful and powerful to see what occurred. It has helped me deal with the past and my health is better.


Having M.E. my energy is often depleted. I felt a deep sense of cleansing within me during session. I felt energised and uplifted after the treatment. I would definitely recommend to others. Thank you Carol.


I knew I had to come before I had results back from Pre-Cancerous cell test in my mouth. That I had to see what the underlying issues were regarding it. I had made a pact, that if I was clear, I would commit myself in someway to further helping others. It was interesting that the hospital phoned to set the appointment whilst at Carol’s, just in advance of the start of the session. I gained clarity on previous problems during the treatment. I became aware of my wrong doings also. Since the session I feel more free. I have no mouth cancer and I feel I have become a better Being. Thank you Carol


I was very depressed and did not want to talk to anyone prior to the session. My throat was also very hoarse. I felt back to myself after the session and very happy. MA=RaY Light has made an instant and huge difference. Thank you Carol.


I have recently been tested at the hospital and they have discovered I have pollops in my cheeks. I had 3 Sound-Sense sessions with Carol to help relieve the stabbing pain in my face, particularly sinus area before it was diagnosed and given prescribed medication to take from my Doctor. This gave me up to 2 hours pain relief. During the After the Sound-Sense sessions I could literally feel the mucus shift and drain. After the sessions it gave me up to 48 hours pain relief. There were more benefits besides that, such as deep peace and clarity of mind, I also felt soulfully re-connected and had much better sleep. I certainly do highly recommend it.

Lysette, Edinburgh

(April 2017) I cannot thank Lorraine at Calmblue enough for the help she has given me. Having suffered from IBS and digestive problems since my late teens, after four or five sessions of reflexology my condition has improved remarkably. I do not use the word lightly, but I would describe the improvement as little short of miraculous. I came to reflexology with an open mind, and within a short time have been convinced of its power to heal.

Anonymous, Bruntsfield

(October 2017) I have no idea what we would do without Nijen! She is a great support for our family, she is caring, truly interested, and very responsive. She calms me down during any crisis and always shows positives. She combines her knowledge as a herbalist, GAPS practitioner and a parent, which is just what we need while recovering our child from autism.


(October 2017) Early this year I started the GAPS diet on my own. Soon I realized that due to the nature of my health problems I really needed to be accompanied by a GAPS practitioner in Scotland, and came across Nijen Aksel - a medical herbalist. We had a first interview and Nijen was very thorough getting my complete health history. Since then we have been working together to overcome various issues that have arisen following up with the diet. To any of the problems Nijen's response is immediate and this shows that she really cares about her patients. I believe taht I am receiving the best care, best advice, and treatment from her. I am very grateful for having found her. And I highly recommend Nijen as a caring and professional practitioner.

Rose Samways

‘Many thanks for the reading. I listened to it again. There is a lot more to the reading and things I have been feeling for a long time. I feel at ease more and slept a deep sleep that I have not had for a long time. Many thanks to you and your guide.’